Maripol on madonna

Madonna at studio 54, 1983
"About Madonna…one night, at the Roxy, Fab 5 Freddy was going to perform and he asked me to find some cute girls to join him. I spotted Madonna — I knew who she was. And, there's actually an interview in which Madonna says, 'I met this girl at the Roxy who asked me if I was wearing a nice bra because she wanted me to take my top off to dance on stage and I thought she was completely out of her mind.' That's how we struck a friendship; we were inseparable after that for quite a few years. She said that I covered her 'like a Christmas tree in jewelry,' for her first album, Madonna, and I created the outfit for and styled the Like a Virgin cover, shot by Steven Meisel. When I met her, I was already doing rubber bangles and crosses. It was natural that somebody like her came into my life: Her name is Madonna, we were raised Catholic, and we were both rebels. We just hit it off."


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New angle from MDNA TOUR shot in miami

by extreme JIBS

MDNA TOUR CLOSE UP CLIPS from MIAMI new! by madonnasworldcom


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Our NYC Madonnathon in review by NEXT Magazine

We are proud to announce that our party was published NEXT magazine
Take a look at the article on their website here:
In the crowd at Rockbar NYC, a man wearing a Madonna “Truth or Dare” tee sipped his cocktail in the corner. He gazed at a music video montage of Madge, a smile across his face. As the DJ played a remixed track of “Turn Up The Radio” and as a boy in a “Vogue” cap struts, you can see him mouthing the lyrics: “There’s a glow of a distant light/Calling you to come outside/To feel the wind on your face and your skin./And it’s here I begin my story.” It’s in this quiet moment where you could feel the spirit of Madonna thick in the air.
Rockbar NYC hosted the Unapologetic Bitch Party, a Madonna-Thon presented by Madonnasworld.com. Jeannie Buxo, editor and founder of madonnasworld.com, organized the event. “I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. I love Madonna, and these parties have put me together with other fans,” she said. “I want to give them a night they will never forget.”
Usually, the Madonna-Thons are held surrounding an album/single release or special Madge event. Last night, however, was just a night to celebrate and have fun. For Buxo, there is no excuse needed to throw a Madonna party. “She’s a real Icon,” she said. “She tells me that anything is achievable. She came from nothing and now look at where she is. She tells me if there is something you believe in, go for it, no matter where you are in life.”
Madonna’s life of overcoming the odds was a common inspiration for the partygoers. One fan, Adi, runs a Madonna tattoo group. The Madonna tattoo on her forearm was inspired from one of Madonna’s 2010 photo shoots. “We’re very excited to hear news about the new album,” she said. “I love Madonna because she represents determination, domination, and girl power.”
Billy, another fan, was also excited for the new album. “I’m a huge fan because of her bravery. She does whatever she wants to do and never listens to the criticism,” he said.
Next to Billy was Joey, a fan who never misses a Madonna-Thon. He usually goes to them with a friend but went solo this time around. “The people and music here are awesome,” he said. “I love celebrating Madonna because she has a fire that doesn’t extinguish. She’s so passionate and gives everything.  I admire her tenacity.”
The night included all of Madonna’s hits and uncovered classics that may have not gotten major airplay. Based on the night’s eclectic crowd, it was apparent that Madonna’s reach is universal and that her music has impacted many.