Back home, Madonna gets down to business

Looking the business: Madonna on her own

Stepping out after a sumptuous dinner, Madonna looks every inch the groomed superstar.

Dressed in an elegant beige safari suit with her glossy hair
tied back, the singer turned heads as she left Claridge's in London on
Saturday night.

One onlooker said, "She looked very smart as she left the hotel, and seemed cheerful."

The businesslike attire was a far cry from the laid-back look
the 48-yearold adopted a fortnight ago on a controversial visit to
Malawi with son David Banda.

There she was happy to dress down in a T-shirt and sarong and let her wavy hair hang loose.

With husband Guy Ritchie out in the West End, Madonna cut a
some-what lonely figure as she left the hotel after dining at Gordon
Ramsay's restaurant.

The couple have spent a lot of time apart in recent weeks,
sparking speculation that they may be feeling the strain of the intense
media circus surrounding her Malawi trip.

Friends say Madonna is looking for a little girl to be a
'sister' to 18-month-old David, although her publicist has denied this.

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What’s with the roots, Madonna?

had plenty to say about my roots (and split ends!), so I was wondering
what you think of Madonna’s hair, which looks like she’s gone back to
the eighties. In her defense, this was snapped on her way
back from a workout (tell me who has great hair after a workout!). And
I can’t post this without mentioning that with her recent humanitarian
efforts making so much news, maybe the Material Girl has more on her
mind these days than her hair. That being said, let’s dish on her
roots…a Do or a Don’t?


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Spanish Newspaper on Trip to Malawi

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Daily News on H&M ADS retouching

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Liz Rosenberg Denies Baby Rumors

"Madonna will not be adopting another child from Malawi. While I understand that
there are rumors to the contrary and a news agency is distributing existing
footage of a child named Grace, I can unequivocally state that Madonna does not
know this child, has not met her and has no plans to adopt her or any other
children. Madonna is visiting Malawi
and today she got to view the progress of the Children's Care Center
she is involved in building. She looks forward to its completion in the very near
future. The Center, which will provide medical care and food for hundreds of
orphans in Malawi,
is being built under the auspices of the Raising Malawi Organization (raisingmalawi.org)." ..thanks to david.

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Madonnas new album due in shops by NOV 07!

Producer Timbaland and Justin Timberlake have been working long and hard to please the Queen of Pop. They're currently in London working on Madonna's latest album, but they discovered that working with the pop diva is more work than play.

Timbaland, who took a rare break at London club Funky Buddha revealed, "We are working round the clock. Justin was meant to be out but he's too tired. Madonna's a funky lady, she's up for everything." He continued, "I was hoping to come out tomorrow because I hear William and Harry party in the week and they love my songs!"

So what's Madonna's upcoming album going to be like? Timbaland assures there will be no 80's disco tracks or purple leotards, "it's kinda like Holiday with an R&B groove." Being the devout Madonna fanatics that we are, we can't wait for the album to drop in November, and Timbaland's beats can make any album a hit.

Madonna Postpones Lower East Side Visit

Madonna Postpones Lower East Side Visit;
Her Rep 'Loved' 179 Ludlow, Though

Alas, it seems that the much-anticipated Madonna appearance at 179 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side was postponed this week. A representative for the Queen of Pop, however, did tour the three floors there that could eventually house the her new kabbalah center.

"Her rep loved it," neighborhood broker James Famularo told The Real Estate. "Madonna is going to come by for a tour in the coming weeks to make a decision."

Mr. Famularo told The Real Estate last week that Madge had been tipped off about the spot by developer Jason Pomeranc, who is building a hotel just south of Houston Street, on Allen Street. New Jersey investor Michelangelo Russo recently purchased 179 Ludlow for $5.2 million, and plans to develop high-end rentals on the residential floors. No one has claimed the 7,200 square feet of commercial space, but that could be because the total rent is somewhere in the ballpark of $45,000 a month.

The Real Estate pressed Mr. Famularo for an exact date of a Madonna visit, but the wise broker remained tight-lipped. Stay tuned.

- Mark Wellborn

Madonna very likely to adopt , again!

yes, you heard it first. Madonna is going back to africa today. Firstly to check up on the progress on her involvement in saving MALAWI. A small town in AFRICA, and maybe, a new baby to add to her family!
Wether or not the rumors are true, We want to wish Madonna all the best on her journey to making the world a better place.one day at a time.

Steven Klien NOT madonnas first choice for Confessions Shoot

Norwegian fashion-photographer Solve Sundsbo did a photoshoot with our queen of pop for the Harper's Bazaar magazine early 2006.
Just recently, Solve shot the stunning pix of pop-princess Kylie for H&M's new line of swimsuits/bikinies.
And today he gave an interview to Norwegian newspaper VG telling them that Madonna contacted him for the photoshoot of her album Confessions On A Dancefloor.
But Solve had to turn down the offer, because of timelimits.
When Harper contacted Madonna, offering her the magazinecover she contacted him yet again; and this time the answer was YES.
credit; prince_igor source;

http://www.karleusa.tv/ stole madonna's official site!

this is totally not cool, lets hope someone takes action against this uncreative web designer!
go take a look and compare;



Surprise edition gets entertaining mockery

Surprise edition gets entertaining mockery
Special Shanghai gives film its due

They were briefly Hollywood's "It" couple. Then they made an "ick" movie.

They were Sean Penn and Madonna, who had just married when they co-starred in 1986's Shanghai Surprise, a film that gets a rightfully mocking DVD Special Edition today.

Offered as a 1930s romantic adventure to tap fans of Romancing the Stone, Shanghai Surprise was neither romantic nor adventurous, and its '30s period details sagged, too.

About the only thing of interest was seeing the on-screen chemistry — or lack of it — between its stars.

Penn played Glendon Wasey, an unkempt American scratching out a living in East Asia, while Madonna was prim Gloria Tatlock, a missionary bent on finding a cache of opium to help soldiers wounded in Japan's 1937 occupation of Shanghai.

After she needlessly hires cash-poor Wasey, they wander in plodding pursuit of the stolen drugs. Not much happens, apart from their predictable shift from hate at first sight to lust at first chance. But that arc is as flimsy as Madonna's off and on accent as a proper American prep-school grad.

Penn, at least, has the acting chops to pull off his character's roguish zeal. But Madonna, fresh from her best role in Desperately Seeking Susan (where she basically played herself), is as bad as she would be in too many other movies. Mugging, eye-rolling and trying to look pretty, she gives line readings that are either too flat or too pointed and never shows sparks with Penn.

"I do not intend to be made a fool of," Miss Tatlock declares. Too late.

But at least this surprise DVD takes a cheeky tone. Its extras include the 15-minute "I Love Shanghai Surprise," which really concerns loving to loathe it.

The featurette blends film clips with interviews of red-carpet ranger Melissa Rivers, Hollywood gossip hound Ted Casablanca and some low-end comedians, all of whom poke fun at the Penn-Madonna screen pairing. (Their marriage ended in 1989.)

Rivers says she was jolted by "all these really good actors — and then Madonna, stuck right in the middle." She and others also diss the film's dialogue, wardrobe and effects. The only faint praise is, "It's in color."

Opposing views are on "Fans Unite!," a commentary track found on the menu's "set up" option. In it, five fans summoned by a Madonna Web site make excuses for the film while also noting flaws. They're self-described "Madonnaholics," so beware.

Another featurette, "Lights, Camera, Shanghai!," falls in between. In it, co-writer Robert Bentley and co-star Clyde Kusatsu assess the film calmly from a company-town standpoint. But even they deem it a cheap and rocky effort. (Madonna, it seems, was a prima donna loathed by the crew.)

"Wow! They want to do a super DVD edition of Shanghai Surprise?" Kusatsu asks. "That's a surprise."

Yet the film had some pluses. For one, it was executive-produced by George Harrison, whose HandMade Films had just made several Monty Python pictures. Harrison wrote and performed some decent songs for Shanghai and even had a cameo playing guitar in a nightclub band.

Also, the film oozes '80s nostalgia, even though it's set in the '30s. How much more '80s can you get than having Madonna and Sean Penn? Besides, he sports a mullet and aqua-colored ties out of Miami Vice. (A "Madonna in 1986" featurette sizes up her career at the time.)

People-watching also applies. That's Richard Griffiths, later to play the mean uncle in Harry Potter movies, as Miss Tatlock's untrustworthy associate. That's Paul Freeman, Indiana Jones' rival in Raiders of the Lost Ark, playing Shanghai's opium owner.

But crumbs don't make a feast, and the only meat in Shanghai is turkey. It's ineptly staged, poorly shot, glacially paced and charm-challenged by stars who shouldn't have worked together — and never would again.

"I had more fun when I had the mumps!" Madonna's Miss Tatlock declares. Tell us about it.


Madonna is headlining the UK concert at WEMBLY stadium!
To get tickets, you'll need to register for your 'chance' at getting an opportunity to buy tickets priced at 55 pounds.
Starting Friday April 13. If you are chosen, You can buy tickets starting on Wednesday, APril 18th. Good luck to all!


madonnas got a new signature?

thanks to axel for pointing this out. madonna now uses a neat M , as oppossed to her usual trademark zig-zag M...

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drink up penelope

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What we do for a freebie!

If you are on the madonnasworld mailing list you already knew about our adventures, heres some more photos from this event:
@ the launch of the H&M madonna clothing collection. here are some photos of us in the cold!
the store manager was really cool and the PR people were awesome, unfortunatly, I dindn't win a signed trenchcoat but my friend angel did!

Pre-Orders Now Accepted

Coming Soon:

Madonna; In Focus!
Pre-order your copy now. Simply E-mail Me to get on the list to guarantee your copy (the first 100 will be pre-signed and numbered by the author).

my entry for the madonna @ myspace contest!