Madonna featured on this compilation cd: ULTRA Weekend 2

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Ultra Weekend, Vol. 2

Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away (Chris Cox Full on Club Mix)
  2. Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Re-Touch Mix)
  3. Coldplay - Talk (Thin White Duke Mix)
  4. The Killers Somebody Told Me (Josh Harris Club Mix)
  5. Natasha Bedingfield - These Words (I Love You, I Love You) (Lenny B Extended Mix)
  6. Madonna Sorry (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  7. Danielle Bollinger - Kiss The Sky (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix)
  8. Lucas Prata - And She Said.., (Valentin Extended Mix)
  9. Judy Torres Faithfully (Valentins Dance Extended)
  10. Stunt - Raindrops (Extended Mix)
  11. Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Original Mix)
  12. Kim Sozzi Alone (Johnny Budz Extended Mix)
 released on this date:
  • Released on: 2006-05-30

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Madge hard at work


Get Madonnas Street Sense

Check out some cool video footage of M wearing the trendy gear.. And now you can score some of their cool shirts too..click below

Ed Hardy

Catholic Priest Defends Madonna's 'Crucifixion'

Catholic priest positively reviews Confessions Tour

The Colombian daily El Tiempo published a column by a priest who said he has seen Madonna's DVD of her latest concert tour and defends her 'crucifixion' and nudity and calls the show a model of evangelization.
In a column entitled, 'Madonna: A Suggestive Presentation of Jesus,' Jesuit Father Carlos Novoa, former dean of the Department of Theology at the Javeriana University, said he was impressed by the 'deep spirituality' of some of Madonna's choreography and claimed her parody of the crucifixion 'is not a mockery of the cross, but rather the complete opposite: An exaltation of the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus' and a 'creative and moving' work of art.
Father Novoa said the DVD recording of Madonna's 'The Confessions Tour' was something worth viewing for its 'high aesthetic quality.' The song 'Live to Tell,' in which Madonna is 'crucified,' 'is one of the best sermons I have witnessed in my life,' and he challenged Catholics to follow the example of the singer.
'In this postmodern, skeptic world in which so many people abhor or are simply uninterested in the faith, will ministers of the church and Catholics in general have this audacity and this creativity to communicate a Jesus who truly shakes people up on the inside?' Novoa wondered.
The Jesuit priest also defended 'masculine and feminine nudity,' expressed not through 'cheap pornography' but through 'erotic beauty.' He compared Madonna's choreography and nudity with the works of Michelangelo, 'who filled the walls of the Sistine Chapel, the sacrosanct place where the holy father is elected, with frescoes of nude men and women.'
Father Novoa said renowned artists and art critics consider Madonna to be 'one of the best choreographers of our times.' 'In her excellent stage presentations, she sometimes makes use of both male and female nudes, which scandalizes some, as in the case of Michelangelo,' he claimed.
Novoa acknowledged that some of Madonna's antics are 'ridiculous,' but, he claimed, 'they said the same thing about Beethoven when he debuted some of his best compositions and about Picasso, one of the great guides posts of modern-day art, when he presented his master works in 1907: 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.'
Source: From the Catholic News Agency, madonnalicious

Actor talks about experience in short film

But only two weeks ago he filmed a role in Madonna's first short film, Filth and Wisdom, in London. He plays a blind writer in the singer's take on a popstar on the make. "It's autobiographical to her experience but there's no lookalike, wannabe Madonna in it as there was in the film version of my early life," he says. "She was very exact and particular about what she wanted as a director and she was very impressive."

Madge keeping Fit

out and about in london (taken May 23rd)

Source : WENN

We caught hungry Madge on the cake hunt

Madonna gets tarty on film set

by ANDREI HARMSWORTH - Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Madonna market

We caught hungry Madge on the cake hunt

Madonna, the queen of pop, became queen of tarts, after she went in search of a sugar rush to help her through her first attempts at directing a film.

The global superstar was spotted directing her new 30-minute comedy, 'Filth And Wisdom', in Exmouth market, London.

But before there were any lights, camera or action, Her Madgesty, took time to fuss over cakes, tarts and biscuits on display at the vendors' stalls.

Wearing no make-up, scruffy hair and baggy white sweat pants, the lady in-charge told one stall worker: 'Those (cakes) are very bad.'

But in the end he persuaded her, saying: 'I managed to sell her a lemon tart for 1.50.'

Squinting in the sunshine, she then returned to her director's chair for her sunglasses, sipping on a Starbucks and sending text messages.

The 48-year-old stunned shoppers when she and a 20 strong crew rolled in to film at a local chemists.

One passer by said: 'It was a huge surprise to see such a big star. She looked in great shape for someone her age and treated us all to a little tour.

But while fans were thrilled, her production crew were left waiting around and yawning and smoking in anticipation.

Flanked by three security staff and her assistant, she was in no mood to be approached.

Chemist staff working inside the store, said:

'She didn't talk to us.'

'I smiled at her and she ignored me'

'She was very moody, very unapproachable and didn't talk to anyone.

'She looked tired and awful.'

Source: METRO UK

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Madge facing tot battle

Madge facing tot battle

May 29, 2007

A HUMAN rights group plans a legal challenge to Madonna’s adoption of a Malawian boy.

It claims the pop star’s custody of 18-month-old David Banda is illegal.

Leader Justin Dzonzi said he would tell the country’s high court no laws exist in Malawi permitting international adoptions.

Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie were granted an interim order last October letting them take custody of David for 18 to 24 months.

Critics said Madonna used her wealth to side-step the southern African country’s adoption laws.

The toddler’s father Yohane Banda said: “He is happy and healthy. I wish they would leave my son alone.
source : SUN

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Brilla Mare: Tower Garden

Check out the Japanese site with amazing Madonna photos and video from her Commerical #1 and Commerical #2 for Brilla Mare's TOWER GARDEN.


Madonna's Sweet Tooth

Madonna eating a popsicle on set of "Faith and Wisdom

click the link to see more pics of Madonna on set..as well as some with son Rocco.

Madonna can have her cake..and eat it too!!

Madonna takes a break from all her hard work on the set to scope out some desserts!

click link below to see more pics


Madonna's making a film on our doorstep

Madonna's trailer

Madonna's "Vogue" trailer: somewhere inside, a really awful short film is being masterminded... Photograph: James Anthony


Dateline: Pine Street, London's fashionable Exmouth Market.

Nestled between a Caffe Nero, and a branch of upmarket Italian
bistro Strada, rests a concourse of milk-white trailers. Inside one of
these vehicles lies Madonna, taking a break from work on her mini-movie Filth and Wisdom,
her directorial debut. A throng has gathered, and speculation is rife.
Is Kabbalah's First Lady still on the popcorn diet? Just how long does
it take her Yoga-enhanced frame to masticate and digest a lettuce leaf?


Every car, motorscooter and van that leaves Pine Street is scoured by
eager faces atop necks of rubber. And still, the feeling of nothing is
palpable. The cavalcade remains. Three white vans.


Suddenly, without warning, a lady astride a scooter which looks
dangerously Italian, attempts to traverse Pine Street in the wrong
direction. For it is, and always has been, a one-way street.

What could have prompted this action? Is it in any way related to
the film? Is it a cue for armed security forces to question the
impudent intruder with extreme prejudice? It appears not. The crowd
breathes a discernible sigh of relief. Or perhaps disappointment.


The hubbub is punctuated by the sound of a gargantuan lamp being
cranked skyward. Its alabaster gaze rests on a betting shop. It is
entirely plausible that the Material Girl is going to direct some
acting situated outside this very branch of William Hill ...


I quiz a waitress, eager to gain the insight of a local on the
continuing absence of Her Madge-esty. "Yeah, I'm gutted," she intones.
"But I'm going to get so sacked if I stay out here - I've been out here
twenty minutes, innit."


Perhaps, in the absence of anything else to talk about, the trailer
should be described. It is an imposing H-reg Swift Kon-tiki (fittingly
for the Queen of Pop, it is the Vogue model), in glossy, pearlescent
off-white. Every shade is pulled down, every curtain drawn-to.

An equally imposing gentleman of impressive pectoral muscles stands
sentinel to the Kon-tiki. The summer sun glints off his mirrored
sunglasses. What lies behind them? Eyes, maybe. But what have they
seen? What secrets do they hold?

Behind the Kon-tiki, the two large lighting vehicles sit knowingly, like wise, white truck-twins. They say nothing.


A passing car pauses, the driver winds down the window of his carriage, and in a thick brogue, asks, "Has Kylie come out yet?"

As if in response, a man answers him. "It was quite quiet early this morning."

The atmosphere hangs heavy with enigma.


Almost certainly out of a silent, unspoken sense of respect, the crowd
suddenly disperses, each member at once conscious of their infringement
of Madonna's personal space. They are giving the tired auteur room to
breathe, room to exist in harmony with her embryonic filmic creation,
deep in the bowels of the Kon-tiki.

To my right, talk turns to more prosaic matters. "I might go over the road and grab a pizza," someone announces.

And they are right to. It has been just one hour, out of a day, fraught with excitement, now drained of emotion.

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Madonna in the directors chair!

With a pair of headphones slung round her neck, Madonna looks very much the part as she directs her first short film Filth And Wisdom

Click on photos to enlarge

The superstar singer's husband was also on set giving support and perhaps the odd tip from his own film experience

Photo: © Alphapress.com

Even a seasoned showbiz hand like Madonna needs a little support when she takes on a new venture. So her director husband Guy Ritchie was on hand to pass on tips as the Queen of Pop clocked up a first: directing a movie.

The 30-minute short Filth And Wisdom
features a subject matter that strays not too far from her area of
expertise. The superstar singer has revealed the film is based on her
own life experiences, but has otherwise kept details of the project
hush hush. "I hate to be a tease, but you know how I am," she told

On the shoot in a London street market this week the Material Girl,
dressed in a casual green tracksuit teamed with a skull and crossbones
cap, was all business giving instructions from the director's chair.

Characters reportedly include an Indian chemist owner, a Jewish
businessman and a failed ballet dancer who takes up pole dancing.
Madonna is hoping filming will wrap by July when she aims to be back in
the recording studio. Meanwhile, her other half is set to return to
film-making with RocknRolla a low budge gangster flick he has written and produced himself.

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Madonnas Awfully busy

Madonna makes her way to her london gym. As fans and paparazzi wait by trying to get her autograph. At one point Madonna simply said to a fan in a British accent. "I can't sign right now, I"m awfully busy"
It just takes two seconds to make a fans dream come true madge!


Arthur and the Minimoys Now out on DVD!

Starring Madonna & Jimmy Fallon. This animated adventure is for childern of all ages. Directed by Luc Besson.
Ten-year-old Arthur, in a bid to save his grandfather's house from being demolished, goes looking for some much fabled hidden treasure in the land of the Minimoys, a tiny people living in harmony with nature
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Madonna and Me Postcard

Thanks to Angel. Heres a postcard from the off broadway show in London's west end. Its about a boy growing up with Madonnas music and his life experiences etc. Its was really rather good. So make sure to check it out, if you're in the area!

National Gallery Postcard

Thanks to angel. This is sold in London's National Art Gallery. Its Madge from the W photo shoot!

A girl Called Madonna

Buy your copy now (Paperback version)
This is a hysterical take on Madonnas life, not to be missed by any fan!


"Hey You" to be sold as a CD/DVD set

Madonna working with Live Earth
BY: Actress Archives | Friday, May 18, 2007

Continuing with her charitable work, Madonna has turned her attention to the upcoming Live Earth concerts that will kick off around the world on July 7. It's reported that Madonna has written a new song for the event entitled, "Hey You" and the track is offered on MSN.com for free until May 24.

The new Madonna penned and Pharrell Williams produced track, "Hey You", will be performed in person at London's Wembley Stadium on July 7, when Madonna takes part in the multi-national environmental concert, Live Earth. According to E Online, Microsoft has pledged 25 cents for each of the first million downloads to Alliance for Global Climate Change. Live Earth founder Kevin Wall revealed in a statement how thankful the company is to have Madonna onboard. "The early release of 'Hey You' is an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause. We are thrilled that Madonna donated her art to Live Earth and is a part of this movement for us."

Early reviews of the material girl's newest track have been mixed around the web, with comments ranging from "sweet" and "not that bad", to complaints of weak lyrics and a theme that was a touch too sentimental. Regardless of what the critics say, Madonna's participation in the Live Earth concert event coincides nicely with her other charitable efforts in Africa, which she launched after traveling to Malawi to adopt her son, David Banda. As a stand alone song, "Hey You" will not be included on the next album by Madonna, which is slated to hit store shelves in November, which in addition to Pharrell Williams, also includes rumored contributions from Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. If fans are looking to get their hands on "Hey You", they can either download it from liveearth.msn.com or wait to pick it up as a DVD/CD, as Warner Brothers Music has confirmed plans for the DVD/CD release following the July 7 shows.

As for the actual live performances, which include the Wembley show in England, event organizers have confirmed that there will be concerts in London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg, as well as the newest addition of Istanbul which was announced earlier this week. The actual lineups of artists on the UK, US, and Australian legs have already been confirmed, with news of the other venue rosters, coming soon. So far, acts confirmed from Live Earth include Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Kanye West, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Crowded House, Jack Johnson, Keane, Beastie Boys, the Foo Fighters, and Wolfmother.

The ticket prices range from $53, $83, $173 and $348 and went on sale on April 16, via the Live Earth web site and Ticketmaster. As a bonus, a special block of tickets have been set aside for AlGore.com members.

Madonna stressing over new film.

Looks like the demands of movie directing are getting to the Queen of Pop on the set of her latest project 'Filth and Wisdom.' Said to be a small-budget movie, photographers reported it looked like high-on stress for Madge as she appeared tired and harassed during filming today. I'm sure hubby Guy was on speed dial with his hands on movie tips!

More pics after the jump

Dago Gonzalezs' Website

Check out Dago Gonzalez's website to see amazing clips of his work with Madonna including RIT's "Bedtime Story", "Drowned World Tour's "Paradise Not for Me, "Video screens" and much more. Personally, I think its some of Madonna's very best videos.

Madonna loses out on Townhouse in NYC

NYPost has reported that Madonnas low bid of 25 million wasn't enough. The town house she was eying has been sold for a cool 35 million. Maybe she didn't want it that badly after all?

H&M reports an increase in sales for March

Thanks to Madonnas line of clothing M by Madonna.. sales went up 17%! Good going madge! Proving once again, she can do anything!

Icon Goes Digital and we likey

1st issue is out and its amazing. If you're not a member of Madonna's official Fanclub, nows the time to check it out
The First issue includes great rare videos including "JUMP" remix video (Jaques Lu Cont Mix), "Get Together" Alternate video (unreleased), and a personal message by Madonna herself!


Madonna Takes A Break

Madonna is directing a 30 minute film entitled "Filth and Wisdom" about her life. Here she is taking a break from directing to hang out with her little guy David. 30 minutes isn't long enough to capture her epic story. She needs some " Lord of the Rings"-length. I was almost gonna make a comment about how, considering her acting skills, she shouldn't be giving anyone else advice about acting. But I figured she can't screw up a film about HER life too much. I'm sure she can express to an actress exactly how cold, calculating and Jewishly mystic to act. Or they're fired!