Video footage of M in Airport

Madonna -- In the Rough

Madonna: Click to watchPhotogs caught Madonna at JFK last night, who brought her guitar to the airport, but left her face at home.

Her Madgesty, 48, was spotted making her escape from New York, arriving for her flight sans makeup.
The Material Girl kept a stone cold face when photogs tried to chat her
up, barely smiling for the cameras ... wouldn't want to add any lines
to that pretty face of hers!

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Madonna at JFK airport with Guitar in hand

Is Madonna a secret street performer?

Do you think Madonna
was planning a sing-song with fellow passengers as she headed for a
flight out of New York City? INFdaily caught up with Madge exclusively,
guitar in hand, at JFK airport. Or, maybe, she'd been street performing
(or busking as they say in England) for a few bucks in Manhattan? Now
that would be a great picture. (posted wed.)

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Cover girls and Ricky Martin doing 'SPOTLIGHT'

this is a huge flash from the past, thanks to Jeremy for this link, Thank god for YOU TUBE, you can see ricky and the cover girls covering Madonna :)

Madge possibly attending a screener of her new short film?


Madonna loves her some Starbucks. She needs to love her some conditioner.

m21.jpg m31.jpgMadonna

Also, madonna was accompanied by Guy Orseary at the Tribeca Theatre.
Where Madonna Does it Better


More M & Carlos

Madonna has hit the pavement for a training session in New York with a very familiar face - former lover and father to her first child, Carlos Leon.


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Madonna hits manhattan

Madonna hits Manhattan

Material Girl Madonna
took some time off from filming her latest movie in London and flew
into New York city, where she met up with her former love Carlos Leon.
Madge went for a morning run with Leon, the father of her daughter
Lourdes, before she hit the clubs later in the night.

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Madonna has spent more than £6 million on 6th London property

The American singer and her husband Guy Ritchie last week signed a contract on the 10-bedroom Georgian townhouse in London's Marylebone.

It adjoins the eight-bedroom property the couple live in with children Lourdes, 10, and Rocco, six.

Scroll down for more ...

madonna new flat

They also own two nearby mews houses, which are occupied by staff, and two other houses in central London.

Madonna, 48, and British film director Ritchie, 38, bought their latest home from designer-developer Paul Davies, who made headlines recently by asking a record £40,000 a week in rent for one of his Mayfair properties.

madonna with bottle of water

The couple paid almost twice the £3.1million Mr Davies spent when he bought the property in August last year, even though he has not refurbished it.

The house has six floors and includes a vaulted artist's studio which adjoins the garden wall of the family's main home.

A source said: "Madonna has been a very shrewd investor in property - this is her fourth in the area. She knows the prices are significantly lower than in Mayfair but that the area is coming up. She has said she'd like to buy the whole street.

"She was really keen to get her hands on this house because she knows once Paul Davies starts developing properties an area can skyrocket in price. She was calling him for eight months and her initial offers were rejected, but after a series of meetings he agreed to sell."

Madonna faced competition for the house from comedian Jennifer Saunders and photographer Mario Testino.

Mr Davies refused to comment but he has described the property, a former private clinic, as "a blank canvas" in need of renovation.

The house has oak floorboards and many original features.

Madonna complained recently about workmen renovating her home, saying: "I can't believe how people don't like to work. The week starts at noon on Monday and ends at noon on Friday. I'm used to people in America working seven days a week."

It is not known whether the family intend to connect their acquisition to their existing home or rent it out.

Madge's property portfolio

Country home: Ashcrombe House on Madonna and Guy's Wiltshire estate

The singer and her husband own a string of homes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Their portfolio includes six properties in central London.

In Marylebone there is their £7 million family townhouse, the new £6million property and two mews cottages close by, one of which was bought last year for £900,000.

The singer has also bought two properties that are used by the Kabbalah religious sect. One - a £3.6 million building in the West End - is used as headquarters by the group.

The other is a £1.6 million, fivestorey Georgian townhouse in Conway Street, Regent's Park. The couple also own the 1,200-acre Ashcombe estate in Wiltshire, formerly owned by Sir Cecil Beaton, which they bought for £9 million in 2001.

In the United States they have an £8 million house in Beverly Hills and an apartment in New York.




 Pop superstar MADONNA has become addicted to using Israeli creams made Dead Sea minerals, to combat signs of ageing. The 48-year-old has been bulk buying products from the Laline range, according to reports. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "The products use natural salts and minerals from the Dead Sea and claims to have extraordinary rejuvenating powers. "Madonna is hooked. She has started using Laline products on her face every morning and night, and all over her body. She could clearly afford to buy far more top of the range creams but it's the Israeli ingredients that have her hooked."

22/06/2007 12:50
Where Madonna Does it Better




Legendary East Village party 1984 hosts its annual Gay Pride
Madonnathon this Friday, June 22.  The club features all Madonna videos
all night on both floors, including many rare international TV
appearances, bootlegged concerts, and other goodies.  The club opens at
9 PM, with an all-Madonna dancefloor until 12:30 AM.  Arrive early:
this is the busiest night of the year for this 80's legend.  For more
info, visit www.SpinCycleNYC.com.



@The Pyramid

101 Avenue A

Source: Chip Duckett

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A Portrait of Questions for Elisabeth Taylor

Madonna was one of many celebrities that was asked to come up with one question that they've always wanted to ask Elizabeth Taylor but were afraid to:

Madonna's question:

The question I would ask is this- with all that you have accomplished in your life-the awards and accolades you have received, the men who have loved you, the movies that have been made monumental by your presence, the awareness you have created for AIDS research- What is the accomplishment (Personal or professional) that you cherish the most?  If I had 2 questions, I would also ask you to define God.

Source: Interview Magazine Feb 07

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Al Gore Spills the beans on Madonna @ live earth!

In a bid to recruit top-name stars to sign up for Live Earth, Mr Gore tapped up the Red Hot Chili Peppers when he presented them with a Grammy Award in LA in February. He traveled to London for a one-on-one meeting with Madonna.

He did such a good job convincing the Queen Of Pop she agreed to close the concert at Wembley. Mr Gore said: “My wife and I met her and we had a wonderful conversation and she agreed to help.”

Just one thing though . . . did he manage to also persuade Madge to ditch her private jets in favour of commercial airlines to help reduce her own carbon emissions?

I got an extremely carefully- worded answer in response.

Mr Gore said: “Well, I appreciate and respect her as an artist and as a person and there are many artists who are offsetting their role in contributing to the CO2 build-up and I understand that.

“The essence of this problem is that we live in a civilization that has developed rather fully according to a pattern that emphasizes the burning of carbon-based fuels.

“So making the shift to renewable energy is a challenge for everyone that will be a lot easier when governments around the world adopt the new strategies that will make this shift a lot easier to accomplish.”

I’ll take that as a “No” then!
Source: UKSUN


Hey You Video Link

The video is so ever powerful! Great imagery, even though sad! Made me cry! Enjoy!


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Angels got a secret

Last month, Madonnasworld correspondent Angel, checked out where Madonna shot scenes from her upcoming mini movie, heres some pix that he took to share with ya'll. Enjoy.


MADONNA: A BIOGRAPHY, the first bio on the pop superstar to hit shelves in six years.

Written by scholar/author Mary Cross, the book marks the first time Madonna has been chronicled in this form by a female writer. Expertly detailed, you will find the book to be a factual, accurate account of an extraordinary life.

MADONNA: A BIOGRAPHY contains a complete listing of Madonna's Number One singles, albums, videos, films, plays and books. There is also a precise timeline of events in Madonna's life from her birth to the adoption of her son, making the book a primer for those looking to find everything they need to know about Madonna in one compact place.

Cross is the author of A Century of American Icons: 100 Products and Slogans from the 20th Century Consumer Culture (Oryx). She is also the editor of Advertising and Culture: Theoretical Perspectives (Praeger). She is also a former chair of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s English Department.

Source: Scott Gorenstein


Madonna Dines With Timerblake

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie dined out in London with Justin Timberlake on June 12th at Locatelli's.
More pics can be found at www.allaboutmadonna.com


Madonna a bad tipper

For the making of the cover, famed photographer ANNIE LIEBOVITZ shot 20 different all-star covers. U2's BONO, guest editor for the mag's latest issue.

According to the singer, the one thing these stars all have in common is that "they are passionate about Africa."That's what this issue of Vanity Fair is all about," Bono says.
"[It's about] trying to bring some sex appeal to the idea of wanting tochange the world."

Meanwhile, Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rupert Everett have been named

in a book exposing lousy celebrity tippers.
Everett and Madonna are named for leaving no tip.

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Both Vanity Fair U.S. are on Newstands now!

go out and get them now!

Inside the new issue of Vanity Fair

"I asked one of the children in Malawi, 'If you've got the world listening to you, if there's one thing you could say to the world, what would you say?,'" Madonna told Dr. Jim Yong Kim, former director of the World Health Organization's H.I.V./AIDS department. "And the boy said, 'Please just help us forget that we're orphans.'" Madonna and Dr. Kim's conversation about the plight of the more than one million AIDS orphans in Malawi is on vanityfair.com; read her own account of her work in Malawi in the Fanfair section.

Raising Malawi
Madonna lends a hand.
by Punch Hutton July 2007

Madonna has done her homework. And her fieldwork. She first visited Malawi in April 2006 after Victoria Keelan, a native Malawian businesswoman, reached out to her because of the work Madonna has done with Spirituality for Kids, a nonprofit organization which aids children in impoverished and devastated areas across the globe. Madonna recalls that Keelan advised, "Look, if you're in the business of helping children, we have over a million orphans here in Malawi and the problem is insane. It's an emergency. And they need your help."

"I want to see girls with educations. I think women are the future of Africa," says Madonna. Pictured here, 9-year-old Janet and Wezi, 10, at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji, Malawi. More photos from Malawi. Photograph by Kristen Ashburn/Contact Press Images–Debutante.

This past October, Madonna took her second trip to Malawi—one of the poorest countries in the world, with 42 percent of its citizens living on less than a dollar a day—and adopted her son David, almost two, who, at the time, was suffering from malaria and pneumonia. In this nation of about 13 million, one million are children who have lost at least one parent to aids.

Madonna was spurred to action. She met with medical anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer, who has dedicated his life to raising the standard of health care for the world's destitute, and had conversations with Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, at the Harvard School of Public Health. Through her Raising Malawi organization, she joined a team that began setting up Millennium Villages, which provide maize seed and fertilizer to households, build water and sanitation infrastructures, help start schools, and make medicine more accessible.

Currently, she is working with film director Nathan Rissman on a documentary which aims not only to heighten awareness and effect change in Africa but also to explore what goes on in the heads and hearts of orphaned children. "I'm making my own discoveries as I go," she says. "You have those great moments of despair and inspiration simultaneously."

Punch Hutton is the editor of Vanity Fair's Fanfair section.

Madonna on Vanity Fair Cover

On the Oprah Winfrey Show, they talked about the July special issue of Vanity Fair which will have 20 different covers shot by photographer Annie Liebovitz.

They showed several covers featuring celebrities and politicians involved with Africa. Among them, they showed two covers with Madonna.

thanks to madonnalicious forum.

Fire at Madonna's Pilates Class!!

Firefighters in London yesterday got an eyeful of Madonna, when a blaze broke out in the building above her pilates studio. Talk about burning up!

Madge, who was rocking a Barney-inspired sweatsuit, was caught leaving her St. John's Wood gym -- as a fire burned in the building three floors up. Sweat it!

Firemen on scene did a double-take when the Material Mom breezily walked out of the studio -- not even noticing the smoke coming from the building -- and hopped into her waiting Audi.


Best Dressed Couple

Vote for Madonna and Guy for best dressed couple. They are currently in the lead!


Madonna and Me in U.K. Pictures

Ok, guys, sorry it took so long to send these... I DID send you guys the London pics, but it never went through... I will try again... Here is the link:


Anyways, these are pics from the actual play, Madonna and Me. You can download these as high res files!



On the Cover of "IN TOUCH" Spanish Edition

revista in touch magazine revista in touch magazine revista in touch magazine revista in touch magazine
Madonna graces the cover for this week on IN TOUCH magazine, Spanish edition. Inside, 3-page spread.
Where Madonna Does it Better