MADONNA: A BIOGRAPHY, the first bio on the pop superstar to hit shelves in six years.

Written by scholar/author Mary Cross, the book marks the first time Madonna has been chronicled in this form by a female writer. Expertly detailed, you will find the book to be a factual, accurate account of an extraordinary life.

MADONNA: A BIOGRAPHY contains a complete listing of Madonna's Number One singles, albums, videos, films, plays and books. There is also a precise timeline of events in Madonna's life from her birth to the adoption of her son, making the book a primer for those looking to find everything they need to know about Madonna in one compact place.

Cross is the author of A Century of American Icons: 100 Products and Slogans from the 20th Century Consumer Culture (Oryx). She is also the editor of Advertising and Culture: Theoretical Perspectives (Praeger). She is also a former chair of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s English Department.

Source: Scott Gorenstein