Rosenberg comments on "CANDY SHOP"

Could a 17-second snippet of a song called "Candy Shop" be a leak from Madonna's upcoming album? Fans speculate that it's of a track Madonna was working on with either Timbaland or Pharrell
— but reps for none of the three camps would confirm. "I have no
comment about the song 'Candy Shop,' " Madonna's longtime rep Liz
Rosenberg told MTV News. "Madonna has studio time booked and is
continuing to work on her new CD. The songs are not mixed, and until
that time, we can't finalize the track list." The yet-untitled album is
due later this year. ...

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Back in NYC after just one month!

Madonna (Not Doing Pilates For Once) In NYC


was spotted with a shorter hair do as she left a late night meeting,
that also involved two movie screenings with a friend in midtown
Manhattan. As she arrived home she could be seen carrying what appeared
to be several different scarves. Perhaps she is working on a new style
or she pick some gifts up throughout her day. Either way it’s just
great to see a picture of Madonna that doesn’t involve her leaving a
gym class.

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'Ray of Light' Foundation

Madonna Makes More, Gives Less

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Madonna Makes More, Gives Less

It must have been a good year for Madonna in 2006.

According to new tax filings, the Material Mom deposited a cool $5 million into her tax-free charitable fund, the Ray of Light Foundation.

It's more than Madonna's ever put into the fund in one year. Her average is $1 million.

What's curious about this year's filing though is how little the Material Mom then paid out to other charities — the purpose, one assumes, for having a foundation. Of the $5 mil, Madonna gave away only $341,124. Most of it — $250,000—went to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

The rest was divided among Elton John's AIDS Foundation ($31,124), T.J. Martell Foundation, the UCLA Foundation and the Boston Conservatory. She also gave $5,000 to Ionia Inc., a progressive community in Alaska.

It's anyone's guess why Madonna's parked $5 million in a tax-free account for now. She religiously gives money to Kabbalah, a tax-sanctioned religion started by a former insurance salesman who believes in reincarnation and telepathy, among other things. Kabbalah is now making inroads in Africa where they have started yet another foundation called Raising Malawi through their Spirituality for Kids Foundation. It's possible the $5 million is being held in abeyance for that fund.

Madonna's already written a series of children's books with proceeds going to Kabbalah. In September, she launches a new series aimed at "tweens" aged 9 to 12, again Kabbalah-themed with profits earmarked for that organization.

According to reports that started in the New York Post this week, she's considering making her next recording contract deal with Live Nation, the spin-off of Clear Channel Communications, and leaving Warner Music after 25 years. The deal could be worth up to $100 million, reports say.

Recently in this space I reported that Ray of Light had made numerous investments in infamous polluting entities, which was ironic since she performed at Live Earth. But Ray of Light also has been buying stock in Live Nation, which isn't so surprising.

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Where Madonna Does it Better


Madonna finally learns her lesson


After months and months of getting numerous parking tickets from those evil people at Westminster Council, Madge finally decides to park in a more ticket free zone.

The Queen of Pop had to walk an extra few yards from her St John’s Wood gym to get to her chauffeur driven vehicle which in the past had racked up thousands o pounds in parking fines. Judging by the look of Madonna arms, I think maybe she should take a break from her vigorous fitness routine as the strain from all the exercise is taking its toll on her body. Either that or maybe she’s just starting to look her age, after all next year she will be 50.

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New Track called "CANDYSHOP"

According to published reports from Rollingstone.com..parts of the song 'Candyshop; has leaked on line.
It could be a creation with Timberland and not Justin. Rumor is that the new madonna album will drop on October 29, 2007!

Where Madonna Does it Better



MADONNA<BR>Shrewd buisnesswomen
Shrewd buisnesswomen
Story Bottom

July 28, 2007 -- Madonna is pondering hanging up on Warner Music Group in favor of life without a traditional record contract.

With the Material Girl's existing pact with Warner Music Group's Warner Bros. Records winding down, her camp is considering an all-encompassing music deal with touring giant Live Nation that could be worth more than $100 million.

An agreement, if struck, would create an entity that would manage all Madonna-related businesses, including albums, touring, merchandise and sponsorships over a multi-year period. Live Nation would acquire an equity stake in the pop diva's overall business.

The joint venture company would then look to enter into an agreement with a label to handle distribution and marketing support of any Madonna album releases.

Madonna is currently in London working with A-list names like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and Timbaland on the follow-up to 2005's "Confessions on a Dancefloor." It's the last studio album due under her existing pact with Warner and is tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

Warner Bros. Records Chairman and CEO Tom Whalley, Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg and Live Nation all declined to comment.

Privately, insiders regard the Live Nation talk as the opening salvo in what figures to be an extended re-negotiation of her deal, which was last extended in 2000.

Sources say her camp has also been shopping to other labels the joint venture concept, which follows in the vein of deals inked by EMI with Korn and Robbie Williams.

"Confessions" - a commercial and critical comeback from 2003's disappointing "American Life," was Madonna's first album with the existing Warner management team of WMG CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., U.S. Recorded Music CEO Lyor Cohen and Whalley.

It has sold over 1.6 million copies in the U.S. and spawned a successful world tour that ranked as the top grossing series ever for a female artist. The 60-date tour generated over $193 million in reported revenues.

WMG's stock hit a new 52-week low Friday, slidding 4.8 percent, or 65 cents, to $12.76. Live Nation closed down 3.4 percent, or 71 cents, Friday to $20.14.


Another RANKIN outtake

Where Madonna Does it Better


I just found this amazing photo from an ebay auction. It was for sale and signed by the photographer JOHN RANKIN! wow,
Where Madonna Does it Better

LIVE EARTH performance out on Sept. 25th

Great news for everyone who loved Madonna's Live Earth performance as much as we do: it will be released as a digital download through iTunes shortly!

Madonna Live Earth The digital album, which is for pre-order now, will feature a selection of artists who played Live Earth two weeks ago. Nothing is said about actual performances that will be included, but at least one Madonna song will be featured! 

A CD/DVD which will feature both audio and video of the event will hit stores at September the 25th.

All proceedings from both the download an physical release will go to the Live Earth foundation.

Where Madonna Does it Better

Madonnas war of words on set of Guys new film

Music Mega-star Madonna reportedly hit out at crew members on the set of husband Guy Ritchie's new film 'RockNRolla', after a member of staff referred to their adopted son David Banda as "Lucky Bastard".

The 'Like a virgin' singer and the 'Lock Stock' Director adopted the tot from a Malawian orphanage in October last year; and Madonna proved how protective a mother she is to the now two-year-old child when she chastised the female crew member for the offending comment.

The incident took place after one set worker asked what the toddler's name was, to which the girl replied, "Lucky Bastard".

A source close told British tabloid 'The Daily Mirror': "Madonna looked astonished by what was said and words were exchanged between them.

"Madonna seemed very protective of her son and didn't want anyone talking of him in such a manner.

"At the end of the day, she's just a mum and doesn't want anyone speaking ill of her family. She looked really hurt and shocked by the comment and let her feelings be made known." A spokesperson for the film refused to comment on the alleged incident.

Where Madonna Does it Better


Video of Madonna at BUTTER

Madonna running in Central Park

Madonna & Carlos in the Park

July 2nd, 2007 by Sarah

Madonna & Carlos Leon jogging in Central Park, NYC&nbsp; - June 28, 2007


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Madonnas got a new look

Madonna's got a new look
2 Jul, 2007 l 0130 hrs ISTlANI




&nbsp;Write to Editor

physically fit Madonna is on a roll...

most fitness enthusiasts of a certain generation will testify, the older you get
the more effort it takes. But Madonna, 48, has never been the one to duck a

is pulling out all the stops to reach a physical peak for her headline spot at
the Live Earth concert next month. And her efforts are showing. The honed
physique she has maintained for years looked more muscular than ever as she
dined out with friends in New York recently , showing off her bulging biceps in
a vest-top outfit.

physical contrast to the 25-year-old who rocketed to stardom in 1984 was stark.
Friends say she feels under huge pressure to give an impressive performance at
Wembley Stadium on July 7, where she tops the bill at the British leg of a
string of concerts across the world to raise awareness of global warming. "The
state of the planet is something she feels very strongly about," said a friend.
"She feels that at Live Earth she will be speaking to the planet.

she obviously wants to look her best. The eyes of the world will be on her and
she is very conscious of her advancing years. She has thrown herself into the
fitness regime like never before. And has been quite successful at it."

say Madonna has been using the so-called gyrotonic expansion system, a wooden
contraption of levers and pulleys which elongates muscles. She also practices
pilates and yoga and does between 200 and 400 sit-ups a day. Meanwhile,
Madonna's Confessions tour raked in $195 million last year and she has invested
much of it in buying property.

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