Fashion Stylist on life with Madonna


You'd think that working with Madonna would be the just the thing for
any aspiring fashion stylist. Well, that's what you'd think...

Surprise, surprise, Madge is not quite the bundle of laughs one fash
mag stylist thought she'd be. For a start, Mrs Ritchie's house stinks
of a floral perfume that's pumped into each room, reports World Of
, leaving any visitor reeking like a cheap car air freshener when
they leave.

And while the kids aren't exactly running feral, they appear to either
be little models of their mother or subject to her barking demands. Lourdes is
as off-hand as her mum, while David is under strict orders to start
walking now or face the consequences.

"She put him on the floor and asked [David], 'Are you going to walk
today?'" WOW records, "before fixing him with a stern stare and
pointing her finger and repeating, 'ARE YOU GOING TO WALK TODAY?'"

And don't leave anything behind when you've visited Madonna's house
either, or you'll discover that she can swear just as well as Tony
Soprano on a bad day: "As the stylist was leaving the house, he heard
Madonna calling an assistant on the house phone. She said, 'He fucking
left the fucking rack of clothes in my room. Come and move this fucking
rack out of my room.'"

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