Madonna Treats Sick Actors with Bottom Injections

Pop superstar Madonna reportedly has been treating the sick stars of

her husband Guy Ritchie's new movie by injecting them in the bottom
with vitamins.

The singer, who regularly uses the B12 vitamin herself, stepped in after a spate of illnesses on the London set of "RocknRolla."

Actor Tom Hardy -- who appears in the film -- made the discovery

when he stumbled across the Material Girl treating co-star, "300" actor
Gerard Butler.

Britain's the Mirror reports Hardy says, "She does it for her
dancers, she trained doing it, so she decided to do it for the actors
as well.

"When we had a break Guy asked if I'd like to meet the wife as she was in the car park and he knew I was a fan.

"To be honest I had the shock of my life. There she was in the back
of her Range Rover administering a shot of B12 into the arse of Gerard
Butler. Believe me.

"I was completely stunned. I knew it would be magnificent to meet her

but the last thing I expected to see was her giving Gerard a shot
because he wasn't very well.

"She was so cool. She just said to Gerard, 'There you go -- bosh! That does it."

On a recent New York-to-London flight the matronly Material Girl startled her fellow passengers by mainlining B-complex vitamins during the flight.