Madonna's Mercy Mission

Aiming for a baby in every room?

Madonna is to adopt another baby from Malawi.

With the paperwork on previous adoptee David still
rolling though - that’s expected to be finalised next February - the
singer is taking no chances this time.

According to the Sun, she’s told her lawyer to

‘cover all the bases’ legally speaking before the process of adopting
13-month old Mercy begins. If all goes well, Madonna will collect Mercy
next April.

Madonna - said to want a girl this time to ‘redress
the balance’ - was apparently instructed to view up to ten girls before
deciding which one to buy. Sorry. Adopt.

The move for Madonna’s first choice, a baby called
Grace, was blocked by members of Grace’s extended family. The paper
reports that Mercy has some family, including an aunt, but they’re too
poor to keep her.

‘Madonna’s over the moon that she’s been told she
can take Mercy,’ a source told the paper. ‘She didn’t want another
complicated adoption.

‘Mercy is a beautiful baby girl. She’s so joyful
and happy and giggles every time she’s picked up. Madonna just loves
the way she claps her hands and laughs constantly. She has huge,
dancing eyes. Madonna calls her “her smiling angel.”’

Jolie, it’s over to you.

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