Timbaland Talks About His And Justin Timberlake's 'Hot' Collabo With Madonna

Producer also raves about shooting 'Ayo Technology' video with 50 Cent.

by Shaheem Reid

NEW YORK — Timbaland is finally back inthe States after touring overseas with Justin Timberlake, and yes — his trip was productive. Not only did the duo shoot a video with 50 Cent,
but they also worked with a culturalicon.

"We just did Madonna's record," Timbo said, sitting in the "TRL" green
room. He was part of the cavalcade of stars — including Kanye West,
Common, Rihanna and Robin Thicke — who came out for the VMA press
conference on Tuesday (see "MTV VMA Race Is On: Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Lead Nominations").
"Me and Justin did the records" for the album, he continued, saying
Madonna is almost done with the effort. "She's great. ... She's got a
hot album. Her album is up there with Justin's album.

Tim says he and Justin wrote and produced 10 songs for Madge's LP, many of which will make the club jump.

"Ah, man," Tim gushed. "There's this one song, we taking it back to
'You must be my luck-eee starrrr!' ... Remember 'Ugly' by Bubba
Sparxxx? I got a beat similar to that. The hook is no words. It's
saying stuff named after coffee — all these different names for coffee
— is the hook. ... The name of the song is 'La, La.' Pharrell did a hot
one for her too called 'Candy Shop.' She's off the chain."

The production legend said there isn't a title for the opus yet, but he
will be reconvening with the singer in September to finish it up. Other
than Madonna, 50 Cent is the only other person outside of Tim's Mosley
Music Group that he's worked with lately.

"I did some more records for him," he said about his recent work for
Fif. "I know he's gonna use them, but I don't know for which album —
this one [Curtis] or the next one [Before I Self Destruct]."

During previous sessions, Timbaland produced "Ayo Technology" for 50 as well.

"That's London, baby," he smiled while talking about the song's wild
video, in which there's some serious male/female interaction going on
(see "50 Cent Suits Up For 'Ayo Technology' Clip With Justin Timberlake, Timbaland").
"London all day. We didn't do our scenes together. I was tired. I don't
know what [50] was doing. I know I was tired, I know he was tired. It
was fun, man. When I saw all them girls, I was like, 'Where they get
all these girls from?' Then I went back to sleep."

As for what else is going on within Tim's musical family, that cutie Keri Hilson is getting her debut right (see "Timbaland Protege/ Justin Timberlake Collaborator Keri Hilson: You Need To Know Me") and Tim and Missy Elliott have been talking about doing another album together.

This report is from MTV News.

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