Why M is silly not to be on French & Saunders

‘Jennifer Saunders is a crap snog!’ Dawn French - exclusive!

Oh glorious Dawn

She’s coming up for 50, she and Jennifer Saunders
are celebrating a quarter of a century of their partnership and we’re
all gearing up for A Basket O’ French & Saunders, which might just
be the last ever F&S programme. Please say it isn’t so!

Dawnie talked to me-me-me
about how silly Madonna is being not going on the show, apologising to
Harry Potter, being mates with Geri Spice and the idea of doing it with

So, you and Jen: have you ever done girl-on-girl, or not?

I’ve never done girl-on-girl but when Jennifer and I
toured in Australia we had a few opportunities but we were quite afraid
so we pretended to be together. We did quite a lot of hand-holding in
Australia. I think it’s because the particular girls who came onto us
there were quite forceful. So we thought, ‘We need protection’, and we
found it in each other.

Not even a snog?

Oh, I’ve kissed Jennifer a lot… Continues…

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