Will Madge Fill Bill for Hillary Campaign?

Could Madonna be throwing her material weight behind Hillary Clinton's presidential run?

TMZ spies caught Her Madgesty spending almost two hours at the Harlem
headquarters of President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation
yesterday afternoon, but neither Madonna's nor Bill's camp would
confirm Madge's presence. Madonna hasn't endorsed any of the 2008
hopefuls, but the Clinton Foundation has been the biggest single donor
to Madonna's Raising Malawi effort -- and she and Bill have worked
together on medical relief for the African nation.

Still, Madonna wasn't seen anywhere near the Lexington Avenue HQ of Hillary's campaign. She was, however, spotted by TMZ's cameras
all over the city, from her morning workout on the Upper West Side, to
checking out artist-director Julian Schnabel's new apartment building
in the West Village, then up to Bill's in Harlem and ending up in
Midtown at the offices of HarperCollins, which co-publishes her kiddie

A truly Madge dash around Manhattan!

ALSO, Interesting to note the STEVEN KLEIN was with Madonna in Bills Office, so maybe, they had a photoshoot?? Something we will have to wait and see.

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