FOX's Roger Friedman is one big crybaby: OPEN LETTER

Please, for heavens sakes, why is it that when ever something good happens to Madonna, we have to hear someone complain. Why can't you let her get what she deserves. A place in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is big, very big. Madonna has proven herself not only a singer (EVITA), performer (Confessions Tour), icon(girls got style too), music video pioneer, writer (The English Roses Childerns' Book Series),  but a talented songwriter (Pick up the Like a prayer album one day). It seems like you, Mr. Friedman, haven't paid much attention to that since you called her voice thin and that she doesn't have any songwriting credits to her name. PLEASE get your facts straight, oh but if you did, you probably would make something up just to try to make her look like shes still, undeserving. (ROLLS EYES)

The rock and roll Hall of fame, I agree, have been ignoring some of the biggest icons of music, most notably, Neil Diamond, and Neil Sedeka, but their time will come. For now, let QUEEN M, bask in her glory...she's got 25 years of hits under her belt and another 25 coming just to make it clear to you and the rest of the world that shes not about to hold back or slow down anytime soon. The best is still yet to come.

RE: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,298681,00.html

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