Harry's Bar owner desperate to hobnob with Madonn

06/10/07 - TV & showbiz section

Harry's Bar owner desperate to hobnob with Madonna

After acquiring the late Mark Birley's exclusive chain of restaurants and bars for £102million, entrepreneur Richard Caring has ruffled a few feathers.

At Annabel's, a number of members have been dropped from the exclusive private members' club to make way for Caring's celebrity friends.

Now I hear there has been some reshuffling over at Harry's Bar, too.

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My mole explains: "The financial director of the group has resigned as well as the head chef and one of the most senior accountants. We are finding some of Richard's changes a little strange.

"When he found out Madonna was booked in for lunch recently he changed the seating plans so he could be at the table next to her. It caused the maitre d' a headache explaining to regulars why they were at a different table."


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