Madonnas adoption to be finalized

Madonna’s adoption to be finalized


Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reportedly passed the test and will get a permanent custody of the boy Davie Banda earlier than everyone expected.
The singer initially had some problems due to the way she handled the
adoption process, but now everything seems to go very well. An official
from the Malawian government, visited the Celebrity couple at their
London home last month to see if they would be suitable parents for
Davie. After passing the critic eye, according to the Sun, Madonna will
fly out to Malawi next month (and not in April) for the final review in
front of the country’s high court

Madonna and Guy - who are currently in Los Angeles with David and
her two older children, Lourdes and Rocco - adopted David a year ago
and received a temporary custody order for 18 months to verify the
suitability of family before any formal proceedings will be made.

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