Madonnas second directorial work " I AM BECAUSE WE ARE'

Madonna Directs "I Am Because We Are" Documentary on AIDS


Madonna is directing a new documentary that is not about her music.

In the Ask Ro section of her website, Rosie O'Donnell reveals:

What movie did you and Madonna go to see?

her documentary
which was devastating
and amazing

That title is from Desmond Tutu's (Archbishop from Cape Town, South Africa) words.

The documentary is very beautiful and touching, a source told Drowned Madonna.

It focuses on the poor, full of suffering lives of Malawi children.

Malawi is the African country where her Madgesty adopted little David recently.

I Am Because We Are shows how AIDS has effected the lives of Malawi's children, since many many of them lost their parents due to the disease and have to live on the streets.

The documentary also highlights the work that Madonna's organization, Raising Malawi, has been doing in the country.

This isn't a very commercial venture, but it's definitely a pet project for the Queen of Pop, who is trying to enlighten the world.

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