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A new biography of Madonna has revealed the usual trivia, such as she begged Tupac Shakur for
a child (he didn't have any spare apparently) and her various conquests
with unsuitable men (so nothing has really changed), but the best
revelations concern her wedding to Sean Penn in 1985.

'Madonna: Like An Icon' (clever title) by Lucy O'Brien reveals the
chaos caused by various TV helicopters hovering over the marquee and
trying to get footage of the ceremony, mainly to see if Sean was crazy
enough to go through with it and whether his brother Chris would
mistake her wedding dress train for a big white line of something and
attempt to sniff it up.

One guest less than impressed with the helicopters buzzing overhead was Martin Sheen, as fellow guest Bill Meyer recalled:

"Martin was freaked out by the media helicopters. He was flinching and
jerking involuntarily. He said it reminded him of filming 'Apocalypse
Now' during the making of which he suffered a heart attack."

Just what you need at the wedding reception! Robert Duvall striding
around with his top off and noting how pleasant confetti smells in the
afternoon, while Martin Sheen strips to his knickers and rolls around
the floor, smearing himself with the soup.

Let's just be grateful Marlon Brando wasn't invited. Sheen would have
been chasing him around the bridesmaids with the wedding cake knife.

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