New book claims Madonna was gonna have 'Tupacs Baby'

Madonna & Tupac Shakur's love child? Almost happened



Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

Can you imagine the child of Madonna and Tupac Shakur? According to Lucy O'Brien's new book, "Madonna: Like an Icon," out Tuesday, it almost happened.

O'Brien says Madonna, in her mid-30s, "desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men." The singer's friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death.

"She was going out with him ... but homegirls were saying to him, 'I can't believe you're going out with a white girl,'" - so she got dumped!

Earlier, when Madonna had taken Sean Penn to the altar, pal Bill Meyers recalls that fellow wedding guest Martin Sheen was freaked out by all the media in helicopters.

"He was flinching and jerking involuntarily ... he said it reminded him of filming 'Apocalypse Now' [during the making of which he suffered a heart attack]," Meyers recalls. "Madonna was giving them the finger and Sean was running in the house for his shotgun."

That wedding took place in Malibu on her 27th birthday, in 1985, in front of stars including Andy Warhol and Carrie Fisher. O'Brien says Warhol was shocked that one of her best New York friends, Johnny Dynell, was not invited.

Andy said to Dynell, "You should just ride her coattails - she's going to be so famous."

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