The Spice Girls borrow Madonnas man

The SPICE GIRLS have started top secret rehearsals for their sell-out world reunion tour with MADONNA's longtime choreographer, tour director JAMIE KING in Los Angeles. The reformed quintet met for their first dance lessons on Wednesday (10Oct07), and already singer Melanie Brown is in the midst of a schedule clash - she's also competing in U.S. reality TV show Dancing With The Stars. Brown reveals she signed up for the show to get fit after giving birth to her second child, and "activate my mind" in preparation for the Spice Girls tour - but she accepts she took on a very big project. Brown says, "I thought Dancing With The Stars would be the perfect thing to do, but it's stressful and it's hard work and you have to be disciplined and completely committed... It's a helluva trip. "It's all about balance. I'm balancing my kids, my husband, this and that - everything fits in and it works. So far so good."

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