HOW HIGH was to be a backdrop video on Confessions tour!

The plot was there, the storyboard was there but the video was never shot.

Rumors about a video for the song "How High"('Confessions on a Dancefloor') were running around way before the "Confessions Tour" was on the road. Now it's time to put some truth to these stories.

Madonna had 3 potential directors in mind for this project, among them previous tour videos director, Dago Gonzalez and Choreographer Jamie King ('Sorry'). Location was chosen and the sketches for the video were made. The concept, which was divided to 3 parts, presented Madonna getting ready for a show, walking on what seems to be a runway, surrounded by camera flashes.

Here's a brief description of the video by its storyboard:

The video starts with words like 'Fame, 'Fortune', 'Star' etc. running in glitter letters over a black screen. The next shot is Madonna walking on hills; in the frame you only see her legs walking and the camera follows them till it stops and shooting her from the back. In the next part, she sits down in front of a mirror with 4 hands attacking her for make up and hair, while she starts singing "It's funny…". She gets up from her chair, pushes their hands and starts walking in a corridor which leads her to the stage.

Throughout the whole video you see cuttings from tabloids and press showing Paparazzi images, gossip headlines and some tragic events like Princess Diana's car accident.

Due to probably lack of time, this idea was in the end changed and they re-edited the 'Sorry' video for the remix, which made it to the show.

We sure hope she uses this idea in the future!

courtesy of DROWNDEMADONNA.com
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