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Madonna’s daughter Lourdes offered Harry Potter role
Posted November 21st, 2007 by Kiran Pahwa

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Madonna and daughter LourdesWashington, Nov 21: If Warner Bros. gets their way, then music icon Madonna’s fans will soon be seeing her daughter Lourdes in the next Harry Potter movie - The Half-Blood Prince.

A source revealed that the studio has asked Lourdes, nicknamed Lola, to join the cast, and that she is desperate to accept the one in a lifetime role.

“An executive at Warners wanted to cast Lola in the last Potter film and has renewed his interest for the next movie. Lola would love to do it - she is a huge fan,” The Sun quoted the source, as saying.

“Lola has definitely inherited her mother’s hunger for fame.

“After all her recent public appearances, looking more like a sophisticated teen than a child, the attention on her is really growing. Offers have poured in - film offers, sponsorship.”

However, if Lola decides to join, she will not be the only one with star connections, for actor Ralph Fiennes’ nine-year-old nephew Hero Fiennes Tiffin has already signed to play the child version of Lord Voldemort.

Apart from Harry Potter, Lourdes has also been offered a role in a kids’ musical similar to Bugsy Malone in development by Warner Bros. Then there’s H&M’s offer to let her launch a line of kids’ clothes designed by her.

However, there is just one person standing in the way of Lourdes and famer – mum Madonna.

Madge, as the source reveals, thinks her daughter is just a bit too young for the fame game.

“Madonna is having serious doubts over letting her do the musical. Even something as innocent as a clothing range she turned down on behalf of Lola. She wants her to lead as normal a childhood as possible,” the source said.

“But she knows it’s inevitable that sooner or later Lola will become famous on her own.

“Lola has a very strong sense of herself. She has often said she wants to become a dancer.” (ANI)

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