Madge refused by NY CO-OP Board

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Madonna - © ddp
Madonna - © ddp

2007-11-09 03:09:01 -

MADONNA's dreams of expanding her New York apartment home have been dashed by co-op bosses, because they refuse to let her buy a fourth property in the building.

The pop superstar has reportedly put in a bid to take over another
apartment in the luxury Manhattan block, which she calls home - but
complex bigwigs have insisted three homes in the building is more than

Residents are already far from happy with their celebrity neighbour -
because paparazzi and fans greet them at the entrance whenever the
Material Girl is in town.

An insider says, "By rejecting her offer to purchase yet another
apartment, they're hoping she'll sell her other three and buy
elsewhere... Madonna just causes too much commotion" Madonna and her
husband, British moviemaker Guy Ritchie, also own homes in the English
countryside, Los Angeles and London.

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