Madonna Anti-Aging Injections

Madonna Anti-Aging Injections; Madonna Mesoeclat Injections

Madonna has found the fountain of youth-in a syringe!

The National Enquirer claims the Material Girl has been
getting regular anti-aging injections of Mesoeclat, a new alternative
to traditional Botox, from Los Angeles-based Spanish cosmetician Adolfo
Bejarano. The injections costs approximately $500 to $1,000 per session.

“Madonna is a regular customer. Although she’s known to be
frugal with her money, the one thing she won’t skimp on is her

“Madonna gets fifty injections of Mesoeclat at a time to keep her complexion smooth and young looking,” an Enquirer source claims. “Madonna swears by it.”

“The micro-fine needle, which is attached to a gun, goes
directly under the skin…..The Mesoeclat method ensures excellent
results, leaving your skin firmer and with a clearer appearance.”

“What other almost fifty year old mother of three looks like that? Her skin looks better than most twenty year olds.”


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