4 November 2007

Exclusive by uk PEOPLE

The dad of Madonna's adopted African son has told The People: "I hope he rescues his family from poverty when he grows up."

far mer Yohane Banda will be reunited with David for the first time in
more than a year when pop queen Madge retur ns to Malawi to finalise
the adoption this month.

last night he opened his heart to The People, saying how he: - Hopes
that David will use his future riches to help his family.

- Can barely hold his excitement at seeing him.

-Fears that the little boy may not recognise him after a year apart.

33, has not seen his son since he left Malawi in October last year -
and is not likely to see him again for another three years after this
month's brief reunion.

said: "I can't wait to see my son again after a year. It will be a
fantastic moment. But I have my anxieties though. Will he recognise me
or his granny after all these months?

a surreal feeling. It's terribly sad that David will now officially be
de-linked from us. But we want the adoption to go ahead in David's best

he grows up he will be a wealthy man. I may be gone by then. But I hope
he will lift his other relatives out of poverty in the way that Madonna
is doing for him.

consider David as Madonna's child as from October last year.We have
been praying that nothing gets in the way of the adoption."

said the singer never promised any assistance to him or his village
when she took baby David from an orphanage in Malawi to her mansion in

When David grows up, Yohane said he hopes the lad will remember his roots.

said: "Madonna told me she will tell David where he comes from. I know
he will return here, not to stay but just to appreciate his roots."

Potato and onion farmer Yohane and his second wife Flora live hand-to-mouth in a two room mud brick hut with a thatched roof.

gave his then one-monthold son David to an orphanage after his first
wife of ten years, Marita, died a week after the boy was born. Yohane
and his ageing mother, Asineti Mwale, could not afford baby milk.

"I am not worried about David," Yohane said. "I know Madonna means well for him.

"In any case when I met Madonna in court she promised to be bringing David back after three to four years.

"I know she is a noble woman. I am told she is also very religious. She can't go back on her word."

The adoption is due to be finalised in Malawi this month.

Chief Welfare Officer Simon Chisale made the first of two home visits
in September to see how David has settled with the star and film-maker
hubby Guy Ritchie.

wrote a glowing report about how the tot has bonded with his
newfamily.Malawi government and High Court sources have also revealed
the process is being speeded up to finalise the adoption this month.

Madonna is funding at least six orphanages in Malawi. She has also
opened her own Kabbalah centre offering education and meals to
underprivileged children as well as to old folk in the town of
Namitete, just outside the capital, Lilongwe.


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