Madonna wine bottle up for bid

Madonna wine bottle up for bid

Hang with us -- it's complicated but worth it. Madonna's father, Silvio Ciccone,
established a winery in northern Michigan in 1995 and bottled a limited
number of wines using images and branding of his famous daughter. The
small production quantities make them rare in the wine world.

Mark Wardynski,
the president of Happy Iguana Inc. in Canton, an online seller of
marine electronics gear, has donated a bottle for a charity auction
currently running on eBay. (Quirk alert! Due to ATF and various state
alcohol regulations, this is an empty bottle that has collector value
for its bottle, label and wine cork.)


National Safe Boating Council will receive 100% of the proceeds, and
Happy Iguana is providing free shipping to the highest bidder.

irrefutable math? Madonna = Michigan; Ciccone Winery = Michigan;
Boating-Fishing Safety = Michigan; Happy Iguana Inc. = Michigan.

Want to bid? Go to www.happyiguana.com or www.ebay.com and enter the item number (230192089420) into any eBay search box.

And maybe you could buy and give it to Kabbalah-practicing Madonna's immediate family.


Seems Madonna's spousal appendage, Guy Ritchie,
told People.com at the London premiere of the "Fred Claus" movie that
he and Madge "canceled Christmas a few years ago. ... Stopped all the
presents. And ever since we stopped the presents, we're are actually
enjoying it."

Madonna wine bottle up for bid

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