No tour in 2008

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He's the Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont and Madonna's right hand man - hear our Stuart Price inteview. Listen to the show

The interview is great and entertaining as always happens when Pete meets Stuart, but this time it does also contain two important bits of information that shed some light on the genesis of Madonna's new album and on the plans for a new tour.

In his chat with Pete Tong, Price explains that - while the new Madonna album is expected for the next year, a new tour is not coming soon.
"I don't think there will be a tour, imminently", Stuart said.

He also explains why he has not been involved on the production of the new album:
"She is doing a new album, but she wants to do an urban record this time that's not really kind of what I do, so she's hooked up with Pharrell and Timbaland and is doing that record at the moment which I think comes out next year."

You can listen to the interview on the online website of BBC Radio 1.

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