Madonna spends New Year Eve in Rajasthan

Jaipur: Top American pop singer Madonna, accompanied by her son and some family friends, flew down here Monday to spend New Year Eve at a resort near Jodhpur amid the sand dunes.

The "Material Girl" arrived here Monday afternoon by a chartered flight from Maldives, sources told IANS.

Soon after landing, the singer went straight to a resort 110 km away from Jodhpur on the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer highway, the sources said.

Madonna is to go to Jaisalmer on Tuesday morning where she is slated to spend a couple of nights after which she would travel to Udaipur.

Since her debut in 1982, Madonna has released many chart-topping albums and singles.

happy 2008!

to all mw readers; see u next year , here 4 all the latest news on the only star that matters

2008 Celebrity Predictions from ny daily news!

by : Astrologer Jennifer Angel

JULY 23-AUG. 22

The Pop Star will make an announcement to the world in August.


Sean Penn single again, watch out guy!

Actor getting divorced for 2nd time at 47

Madonna's 1st husband Sean Penn is getting divorced from 2nd wife Robin Wright.

The actor, 47, was Madge's husband from 1985 to 1989 and she once described him as 'the coolest guy in the universe'.

After getting together with Robin, 41, in the early 90s, Sean married the blonde actress in 1996.

The couple have two children, Hopper Jack, 14, and Dylan Frances, 16.

'Marriage ain't easy, but it's great most of the time," Sean told
Entertainment Weekly soon after they tied the knot. 'I love Robin. I've
always loved her.'

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MADONNA persuaded actor RICHARD E. GRANT to appear in her directorial debut FILTH AND WISDOM by flirting with him.

The singer - married to director Guy Ritchie - used her feminine charms to coax The Gosford Park star into appearing in the movie

Grant says, "I respond well to flattery. Flattery and money.

"Madonna flirted with me to get me to make her new film, Filth and Wisdom.

She's a terrible flirt and very attractive. "I was bewitched, so of course I fell at her feet."

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madonna wine crate!

thanks to a member of icon for this image DIVAX
its a REAL crate sold by celebrity wine sellars!

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Madonna Reveals Christmas Plans

Madonna Reveals Christmas Plans

Madonna plans to get sloshed on Christmas day.

In an interview, she said, "We all go to the pub and drink copious amounts of beer. I'm being serious!" Her husband, Guy Ritchie, swears it's true. Madonna says the important part is that they spend time together, and Christmas is the only time they stop working.

Credit: Music-News.com

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Madonna to shoot new music video NEXT WEEK

New Madonna single aired

Published: Today

Shady ... hip-hopper Madge

Shady ... hip-hopper Madge

MADONNA's new single was given its world debut when TIMBALAND played it in public for the first time.

The hip-hop producer unveiled 4 Minutes To Save The World – his collaboration with MADONNA and JUSTIN TIMBALAKE – during a DJ spot at last night's Jingle Ball in Philadelphia.

The latest offering from the Material Girl - who turns 50 next year - will also feature KANYE WEST and PHARRELL WILLIAMS.

Two other songs, Candy Shop and The Beat Goes On, have already been leaked online.

But Timbaland has confirmed that 4 Minutes To Save The World will be the new single and that he'll be shooting the video with both Madge and Justin in LA next week.

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New Photo book by Akos

click here to buy it
by a good friend of madonnasworld.com, its never too late for a christmas stocking stuffer, like this! His photos are INCREDIBLE!

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Madonna is keeping it straight Gangsta

Madonna is inside new BLENDER Magazine (u.s.)

its got fergie on the cover

Madonna is featured on half a page, the photo from LIVE EARTH when

shes doing HUNG UP, looks stunning!

the article talks about how her new album will be out in APRIL of


also, it states the following collaborators:

Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, Danjahadz, Akon and more.

about the move to LIVE NATION

She says LIVE NATION has offered me a true partnership, and after 25

years in the business, I feel that I deserve that.

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Madonna wannabe performing in nyc subway!

I have a funny story for all of you:

I was heading home last night , jumped on the train and when it pulled up for the LEX 53rd st stop, i heard a familiar song, it was HOLIDAY, by Madonna!, and It was being sung by someone on the platform, she had the luckystar video look going on, i thought that was really cool, its not everyday you see someone performing madonna songs in the subways! I say good going stranger, and she had tip bucket too! lol 

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Madonna concert tickets will be sold thru EVENTIM

check out this site for more details! link LIVE NATION has struck a DEAL to LEAVE TICKETMASTER and use this GERMAN ticket rival called "EVENTIM"

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New single to be released in MARCH

rumor! SOURCE

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Madonna May Back Hillary Clinton for President

Madonna might soon join a growing group of stars publicly endorsing their Presidential candidate of choice. Backseat Cuddler reveals whether Madonna's backing make a difference for Hillary:

Superstar Madonna might be choosing sides in the upcoming presidential election. As Oprah Winfrey recently did with Barack Obama, her Madgesty might toss her hat in the ring with Hillary Clinton.

When contacted by Access Hollywood however, Madonna’s rep said that while the singing superstar appreciates Hillary, she hasn’t “formally” backed Clinton.

“Madonna has not formally endorsed Hillary Clinton. She’s certainly spoken highly of her, but that’s it,” the rep told Access.

Celebrities are begining to campaign for the 2008 candidates. Barbra Streisand is already a solid Clinton supporter and other celebs are endorsing various candidates: Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent for Mike Huckabee; Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne for John Edwards; John Mayer for Ron Paul; Sean Penn, Esai Morales and Willie Nelson for Dennis Kucinich, among many many other stars and candidates. Some personalities are polling to have possible negative effects such as Madonna, Tom Cruise, Rosie O’Donnell, Toby Keith and Bill O’Reilly. Should be interesting to see who sides with who, which candidate gets which nomination and then how the stars align.

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New updates on the ICON BOARD

for anyone thats a member of the official fanclub ICON, check out their boards, they recently updated it, you can now see each users profile, this is mine ;)
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Guy Oseary is A-Rod's New Manager

Alex Rodriguez (thirdbaseman for the New York Yankees) hired Guy Oseary, who has worked with Madonna and Lenny Kravitz, to be his manager. Oseary is not a registered baseball agent, and Scott Boras remains A-Rod's representative on baseball matters.

I Predict Madonnas new album cover will look like this

special thanks to ANGEL for the inspiration!


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Madonna's Gucci Extravaganza to Be Thrown at United Nations

The massive, earth-shattering February 6 party Gucci is planning to coincide with the opening of their biggest store will be held on the lawn of the United Nations in Turtle Bay. "A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF," which is what the fete has been named, is to be the first event of its kind to take place on that strip of land, the north lawn, which is technically international territory.

Joining Madonna, the party's co-host, musical performances will be given by Alicia Keys, Timbaland and Rhianna. There will also be a special presentation by Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs. Chris Rock will emcee a live auction. The evening's co-chairs include: Drew Barrymore, Adrien Brody, Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, Sting and Trudie Styler, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Arpad Busson, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Téa Leoni and Lucy Liu
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Madonna denies new album title is Licorice

Madonna has dismissed reports her final Warner Bros studio album will be called Licorice.

The pop superstar's broadcaster friend Larry Lick played two new tracks, Candy Shop and The Beat Goes On, from her upcoming disc on his Sirius Satellite Radio show OutQ on Thursday.

Lick then went on to claim the new disc is called Licorice and will be released in spring 2008.

But in an email to Reuters, Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg writes: "Sirius does not know what they are talking about. Wrong title. Release date wrong etc."

Madonna will part company with Warner Bros once the album is released and embark on a new initiative with concert promoter Live Nation.

The 10-year deal encompasses all of Madonna's future music and music-related businesses.

Source : yahoo

Madonna gets nasty on the neighbours

Madonna is suing after she was blocked from buying a neighbour's apartment in her luxury New York building.
The Material Girl has filed legal papers in Manhattan Supreme Court against the board and management company at her Central Park West apartment block.

Madge already owns a 6,000-ft duplex pad in the building - which boasts its own gym and beauty salon.

But she wanted to buy the one next door as well, to expand her living space.

The summons accuses the co-op board and Midboro Management of breach of contract for allegedly holding up the sale of Julie Clark Thayer's seventh-floor apartment and orders the transfer of 868 co-op shares to the singer.

She is seeking a court order allowing the sale to go through, as well as legal fees and expenses, according to the documents.

Madonna, 49, moved into the building overlooking Central Park in the city's Upper West Side after she was rejected by the board at the nearby San Remo board in 1985.

She also owns a home in London.

A spokeswoman for Madonna was unavailable for comment.

It comes as it was announced that the singer's new album will be called Licorice and released in April.

Source : nz.entertainment


Vote for Madonna on billboards Poll

What was the most important news story of the year for the music business?
EMI offers music DRM-free

Madonna signs with Live Nation

Radiohead releases new record via the Web

British equity group Terra Firma Buys EMI Music

Launch of the iPhone

Kanye vs. 50 Cent retail battle

Amazon's digital music store launches

Continued slump in music sales

EC approves Universal takeover of BMG Publishing


Total Votes: 1327

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Madonna Fails to Save Planet

according to 'VULTURE' at NYMAG.com;

Photo: Getty Images

1. Madonna feat. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, "Four Minutes to Save the World"

Timbaland played this track at the Z100 Jingle Ball on Friday Night —
and here's a poorly recorded bootleg! It's not bad, but we sort of
expected more.

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Malawi denies Madonna's adoption over

US pop star Madonna's adoption of two-year-old David Banda is not completed contrary to foreign media reports that it has been approved by the Malawian government.

Official Malawi News Agency (Mana) reported that Deputy Director for the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Cyrus Jeke, has said the adoption is not and that government has no jurisdiction to complete the process but the courts.

"It is not up to government to make the final verdict as to whether Madonna is going
to adopt David or not. An adoption case is usually between the petitioners (parents) and courts and government only comes in as a mediator or facilitator," the ministry official told Mana.

Jeke said Madonna would have to follow the whole adoption process which is expected to last for 18 months. But the ministry official said the findings will be tendered in court and used to make a determination as to whether the pop star is suitable to adopt the Malawian orphan.

International media has been quoting the assessment report that it recommended that “it is in the best interest of the child" to be adopted by the Madonna and his husband Guy Ritchie.

Jeke was did not comment on the report but hinted it was positive and that the acceptance of David’s biological father attaches more advantages for Madonna’s wish to adopt.

It has also been gathered that Malawi social welfare official will be making a second trip in February next year to London, the home of the Ritchie’s as part of the adoption process to make another assessment.

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New issue of ICON online now!


By ICON Iconers! Issue #2 of Icon Digital has just been released! Ready for some H&M and Live Earth behind the scenes pictures? Wait, we also have Madonna's beloved back-up singer Donna sharing with us her Live Earth journal, which will give you a chance to know how it feels to work with our Queen when preparing for a huge event! We hope that you'll enjoy this new issue as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Last but not least, the magazine is now available as a high resolution PDF file. Read it, print it and keep it with you wherever you go... That is all up to you!

To download Icon Digital #2, just click on the devoted banner located on the top of the page. Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to open or print the magazine. Just visit the following address to download it for free: http://www.adobe.com/go/BONRM

from iconmadonna.com
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4 Minutes to Save the World Premiere- song leaked!

Timbaland dropped the ball on Philly last nights "JINGLE BALL" concert, by playing a long clip of Madonnas upcoming FIRST SINGLE (rumored) 4 MINUTES TO SAVE THE WORLD.. to come out in JANUARY 2008(rumored).. the album title (rumored by Drowned World is called "GIVE IT TO ME", not to be confused with GIVE IT TO ME, the early years by OTTO, who sampled a snippet of Madonnas voice and reworked it to several different tracks!!

The song can be best described as 100% HIP HOP, and its almost a duet with Justin Timberlake, so I think this video will have a cameo appearance by TIMBALAND and JUSTIN

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Timabland on madonnas first single

 Z100 in New York  were interviewing Timbaland backstage at Jingle Ball.

As they were rapping up the interview they asked if he had anything else he wanting to mention and he said that coming up in the next quarter - he then said this January - look out for Madonna's first single with him and Justin...

"For the first quarter, January, we wanna look out for Madonna's first single which features me and Justin (Timberlake)," said Timbaland.

"I did most of her album," Timbaland added. "Me and The Naptunes did the album. She (Madonna) has an incredible album!"
rumored title of the single is : 4 MINUTES TO SAVE THE WORLD
from drownedmadonna.com
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Madonnas a Money Winnder for 2007

Money Winners of 2007: Madonna, the material (underwear) girl

Pop singer Madonna Ciccone Madonna has been a trend setter for three decades and has built, not just a music empire, but a financial one. She is brash and savvy. The "Material Girl" who popularized wearing undergarments as formal wear and accent pieces has made another splash this year, not with her music or wardrobe, but with her new record contract.

She has abandoned the major record labels to sign on with a concert promotion machine for $120 million. Goodbye long-time record label, hello Live Nation (NYSE: LYV). In October, the iconic and very wealthy 49-year-old Madonna signed her biggest contract to date, and one Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG) would not match.

Live Nation, the concert promoters, have acquired her touring and recording rights. Her first album was released in 1983, 26 24 years ago, and she has been going strong ever since. According to published reports: " The rights to Madonna's tours, which continue to be highly profitable, will now be owned exclusively by Live Nation. Last year's Confessions tour featured eight sell-out performances at Wembley Arena, which is managed by Live Nation. The tour grossed $260m."

Specifics include an $18 million signing bonus and an additional advance of $17 million in cash and shares for each of the three albums in the ten-year deal. If Madonna goes on tour, she will get up to 90 percent of the profits, with only 10 percent reaching Live Nation.

This landmark contract is bound to alter the playing field in the music industry that has been combating internet and CD piracy once again. Madonna, though, will not be following behind but leading the charge as she will be under contract well into her fourth decade.

Madonna the music machine is a well-established money machine. It may turn out that the on-stage nationally televised kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna that got everybody's shorts all bunched up was not a passing of the baton. It may turn out to have been a big kiss-off! For since that time Britney has appeared in more court room battles, mugshots, and scandals then she has music accomplishments, and Madonna, not Britney, is the new Madonna -- still out front -- still making waves, setting trends -- and collecting royalties.

Sheldon Liber is the CEO of a small private investment company and the principal for design and research at an architecture & planning firm.

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DAILY MAIL: on madonnas 'christmas'

TV & showbiz

A merry Madonna Christmas - macrobiotic lunch, no TV and slim pickings under the tree

By ALISON BOSHOFF - More by this author » Last updated at 22:14pm on 14th December 2007

Comments Comments

There won't be carols, brandy butter or television.

There will hardly be any presents, and most traditional and fairly innocent-seeming festive fare, such as chipolata sausages, have been banned.

Indeed, a rather restricted version of Yuletide spirit will be in evidence in the £5million London townhouse where Madonna, Guy Ritchie, 11-year-old Lourdes, Rocco, seven, and David Banda, two, are set to spend Christmas Day.

As Guy recently revealed, the family "cancelled Christmas" two years ago - which means that no gifts will be exchanged by the adults.

Scroll down for more...

Non traditional: Madonna with Lourdes and David

Guy and Madonna, who are devotees of Kabbalah (a form of Judaism), will give each other wedding anniversary presents on December 22, and leave it at that.

This is not - as many assume - because Madonna is anti-Christian.

Somewhat confusingly, she claims still to believe in Jesus.

She does, though, follow the Kabbalah and raises her family within that quasi-religion.

"The deal is that the family has not converted to Judaism, but they do celebrate Jewish festivals," says a friend in New York.

It's all bracingly pick'n'mix for the Ritchies.

Somewhat breathtakingly, the main reason for not exchanging gifts is that Madonna is very greatly against the commercialism of Christmas.

This seems rather a cheek given the way that she has unblushingly flogged her image and her sexuality in the most commercial way possible for three decades.

She is quite sincere about it, though.

Her children will get just three presents each - a modest tally given that their mother's fortune stands at around £240 million.

Guy Ritchie has said that this is enough, though: "As long as the kids get three presents at Christmas, everyone's happy."

The highlight of the day will be a low-fat macrobiotic feast prepared by their chef.

(Neither Ritchie nor Madonna cook.)

It is highly unlikely to feature turkey, as Madonna has issues with the rearing and slaughtering of poultry.

Instead of a festive bird, the "feast" will be mostly based around grains - such as quinoa - and vegetables.

Associates indicate that there will be a small amount of unsalted meat for the children and for Guy; but salty, fatty treats such as chipolatas and stuffing are completely out.

Indeed, the festive season is seen by Madonna as no excuse to stint on her punishing health regime.

She has even hired a nutritionist to advise on her children's food.

As a result, except for the very occasional ice cream as a treat, they have controlled amounts of dairy food, no cheese, no cream, no salt, no preservatives and no sugar.

Although Madonna tries to send out the message that she is not too controlled to have fun ("We will be drinking copious amounts of beer for the holidays," she trills, unconvincingly), she is far too self-disciplined to deviate from her strict diet.

She works out daily, no matter where in the world she is, for somewhere between two and three hours.

Even in that landmark week when adopted son David Banda first came home with her from Malawi, Madonna was not willing to vary her exercise routine.

There's no reason to believe that she won't sneak in a workout on Christmas Day.

It's not what most of us are looking forward to, but a friend who visited their home for a Kabbalah meeting recently said that the family seem to lead a very unconventional, if luxurious, home life.

Among their circle are the very rich and very well-connected, like the 7th Earl of Cawdor (a Scottish noble married to a former fashion editor for Vogue), Elisabeth Murdoch (media tycoon Rupert's daughter), PR boss Matthew Freud and restaurant owner Piers Adam.

The friend said: "They entertain very beautifully, but it is not what you would call conventional.

"A housekeeper will set out a great big table covered in stuff, all macrobiotic, which no one dares eat unless Madonna tucks in.

"They're all terrified of her. A uniformed butler serves the most incredible wines, which Guy loves but, again, Madonna barely touches."

Television is all but banned for the children.

If they use the computer, they are thoroughly policed and their time on it limited.

Nannies who applied recently for the job of helping to care for Madonna's brood were told that they could not have TVs or telephones in their rooms, as the mistress of the house felt it was an unhealthy distraction from family life.

The children are certainly given plenty of educational stimulation.

Lourdes (known as Lola) is a bit of a star at the Lycee School in London and is fluent in French.

She is said often to speak to David Banda, on whom all they dote, in French, and he is now picking up a smattering of the language, too.

Rocco, meanwhile, despite having always lived in the UK, has acquired an American accent - of which Guy's thoroughly English parents despair.

Recently, as a mark of their seriousness about integrating baby David into the family, all of them have been having classes in the Malawian language, Chichewa.

Madonna and Guy can now manage some basic words and phrases, such as "mummy", "daddy", 'hello' and "my love".

Madonna has also learned a lullaby, called Gona Mana, which she plays to David.

The singer believes that adopting David is the greatest thing she has done, and was overjoyed to hear this week that the troubled process is now drawing to a close, with an official stamp of approval.

She is seriously pursuing the adoption of another orphan, and is due to travel to Malawi after Christmas in the hope of finding the perfect little girl to add to her brood.

Madonna had wanted to take a 20-month-old Malawian baby named Mercy James home with her, but this was blocked after objections by the child's uncle.

Madonna, who had got to the stage of carrying around a picture of Mercy with her, was heartbroken.

Another girl, called Grace, was also picked out by the singer as a potential to adopt, but again these plans collapsed when her family objected.

Aides of Madonna have now gone to Salima, 100 miles east of the Malawian capital, Lilongwe. They have been asked to draw up a list of children who would be eligible for adoption and - most importantly - would not have extended families who might object.

It is quite something that after the furore over David's adoption, the Ritchies are willing to put themselves through it all again.

But Guy, it seems, has learned to compromise when it comes to his wife's yearning for another baby.

It took Madonna nearly two years to persuade him that they should adopt, but having David in the family seems to have quickly convinced him that another Malawian orphan will make their very privileged and unusual lives complete.

"Well, my wife and I both like children," Ritchie says goodnaturedly.

Indeed, it is actually wannabe hardman Guy who takes on the full weight of the parenting.

"Guy does most of the childcare," says a well-placed source.

"He was not sure about adopting David, and felt that it had been handled impulsively, exposing all of them to a lot of stress and pressure.

"But he is utterly in love with David, who is simply the sweetest little boy.

"Madonna really appreciates him as a dad, and the children are very much the chief thing which they have in common.

"That is what they talk about every night - the kids.

"He takes Rocco to judo every week, and helps Lola with her homework. He is very much a hands-on father."

Given Madonna's schedule for 2008 - which includes a studio album released in the spring, a Greatest Hits album, possibly a tour, and also the release of a new children's book (written for David), with a short film chucked in for good measure - it is just as well that Guy Ritchie is there to take on the responsibilities.

"Being married and having kids is not exactly simple, no matter who you are," she said earlier this year.

"In fact, trying to make those things work is quite a challenge. Sometimes you drop the ball.

"When I was on tour, my focus was doing my show every night. And on my days off, they're not really days off - I have to be mom and wife.

"There are times when I should have hung out with my kids, and I just said: No, I need a massage. I'm gonna do that instead. You know? I'm gonna be selfish."

But while Guy might occupy the "female" role in the household, the couple seem to have discovered that the marriage only works when he gets to wear the trousers, or at least he gets to say that he does.

"What intrigues me is that Guy puts her down in public," says a transatlantic friend.

"He kind of treats her badly in front of people,"

"He makes jokes at Madonna's expense quite a lot, but she seems to just love it. Guy plays the naughty child.

"When there are Kabbalah meetings, he sometimes gets the giggles or wanders off and she becomes furious with him."

Indeed, their marriage seems to thrive on a rather misogynistic dynamic, where he pretends to treat her badly and plays the role of dominant male to the hilt.

One of their London crowd says Guy delights in nothing more than going shooting - which Madonna detests - and that he enjoys revolting her with the details of what he has killed.

"She will say: 'Oh Guy, I'm so cold, can we go home?' and he will simply pretend that he cannot hear her," a source says.

Then he is prone to announcing that he's "off to the pub", and always makes a point of not saying when he will be back.

Another London friend tells me she cannot help but notice the way that Guy never, ever refers to her as Madonna - which, after all, is the name of an international icon - but can only bring himself to call her "Mrs Ritchie" or "The Missus".

"It is as if he is pretending not to notice that she is so famous," the friend said.

"They have a really demanding marriage, and Guy does a lot of the hobbies he does as a sort of anger management.

"He insists that she respects him as the man of the house, and they have some very fiery times."

Despite this, their marriage is, to the surprise of some, quite harmoniously approaching its seventh anniversary next weekend.

Last year, there was a very public crisis when Guy failed to support her following the adoption of David Banda.

There was talk that the union was on the rocks, and might not be saved.

Guy was spending most of his time with his friends from judo, as well as copious hours with his hardcore drinking and shooting buddies.

What did the couple have in common?

But today, here is Madonna toeing the line, sporting a newly feminine image, and utterly besotted with Guy once more - despite the absence of turkey, chipolatas and smoked salmon this Christmas.

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In Touch Exclusive: Madonna's keeping her baby
Madonna has been anxiously waiting to hear if she'll be allowed to keep her adopted son, Malawian-born David Banda — and now In Touch can exclusively reveal the government report which says she will. She and her husband, Guy Ritchie, ...
In Touch Weekly Magazine - http://www.intouchweekly.com/


its a partial cover/ and 2 pages insides, shows details of the documents filed by case worker!


Where Madonna Does it Better

Madonna has been inducted into the Hall of Fame!

Madonna to join US Hall of Fame

Madonna's career has spanned three decades
Singer Madonna will be inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, it has been announced.
John Mellencamp, The Ventures, Leonard Cohen and The Dave Clark Five, will also be honoured at a ceremony next month in New York.

The nominees are chosen by a committee and are whittled down to a final list of five by more than 600 music experts.

Acts only become eligible to be considered for the honour 25 years after their first recording.


Madonna refuses to become victim of ageism

London, Dec 10 - Pop star Madonna, who will be 50 next year, dislikes society's views on middle aged women and says she will not allow herself to become a victim of ageism.Contactmusic.com quoted her as saying: 'Not only does society suffer from racism and sexism but it also suffers from ageism. Once you reach a certain age you are not allowed to be adventurous, you are not allowed to be sexual. I mean, is there a rule? Are you supposed to just die?'

Where Madonna Does it Better

Madonna blows out Matt Lucas and David Walliams

Madonna blows out Matt Lucas and David Walliams

MadonnaMadonna invited Matt Lucas and David Walliams out on a dinner date then blew them out at the last minute, the lads claim.

The Material Girl invited the Little Britain comedians for a meal - then stood them up because she was too knackered.

Walliams, who revealed how the pair based one of their characters in new series Little Britain USA on Madonna's personal assistant, said: "We got a call from her PA saying 'she would very much like you to join her for dinner'.

"We thought, 'Fantastic. Dinner with Madonna. Write it in my diary'. Then the night came and we got a call about half an hour before we were leaving saying Madonna may or may not be coming to the dinner.

"I said, 'What'?

"'Well she's just got in, she's tired. She may or may not be coming'.

"'Well shall we go or not'? I said.

"'Well she may come for the desert - we're not sure'.

"The idea that we were just going to sit in this restaurant and wait for her to turn up! F*** her. We didn't go."

The new series, to be shown on US station HBO and the BBC, also features Vicki Pollard at brat camp and Daffyd at university.

Walliams revealed how the Duke of Edinburgh called him a "nut" for swimming the English Channel for Sports Relief.

The camp comedian met the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace after raising £1m for charity. The Duke didn't speak to him directly, but said when passing in the corridor: "Is this the nut that swam the Channel?"

Walliams said: "He said to my mum, 'Any more nuts in your family?' and my Mum went, 'No, just the one Prince Philip."

Walliams said swimming the Channel was an amazing achievement. "I did totally get when I reached the other side why people do that because the rush of adrenalin is so intense and it was so exciting.

"I'm not a sporty person but swimming was always something I could do.

"I saw people do (the Channel) and it was often people who didn't look like natural athletes doing it.

It had a spirit of adventure to it," he said on Friday Night on Jonathan Ross.

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What are Madonna and Guy really like?

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Madge, when she nags:

What are Madonna and Guy really like?

(Photo: McMullan)

At the Tribeca Grand premiere for Guy Ritchie's shoot 'em up Revolver, Madonna wouldn't stop talking to him and her manager, Guy Oseary. Two girls spent two hours-plus standing in the aisle next to them, acting sometimes as coatracks, sometimes as cocktail waitresses. At the after-party atop the Gramercy Park Hotel, Ritchie and Madonna stayed until the bitter end, downing green martinis and sequestering themselves in a corner with Donna Karan, Steven Klein, and Sarah Jessica Parker. But earlier, they spoke with a group of reporters, while bantering and correcting each other the entire time, and coming across as a more or less normal couple.

NEW YORK: You had to reedit the entire movie. Do you think you got a bad rap from critics the first time around?
RITCHIE: "Do I think? I know!" [Laughs]

Why do you think that is?
RITCHIE: "Well, I don't think they liked it."
MADONNA: "No, I don't think they bothered to really watch it. I think they were criticizing Guy, not the movie."

So, Guy, have you heard Madonna's new CD?
RITCHIE: "I have. I have heard her CD. I think it's her best CD, and I'm not just saying that. [Pause.] Well, I am just saying it, but I also mean it."

You're more of a hip-hop guy?
RITCHIE: "No is the answer to that."
MADONNA: "He's an Irish-folk-song guy."
RITCHIE: "I like republican, political …"
MADONNA: [Interrupts.] "No, not republican, baby. That's different here."

Yes, that's different in the U.S.
RITCHIE: "Oh, okay. We don't like Republicans, then."

How long have you been doing jujitsu?
RITCHIE: "About ten years."

What color belt do you have?
RITCHIE: "No, I'm not going to tell you, 'cause it's embarrassing what belt I've got."
MADONNA: "It's the lowest one."
RITCHIE: "No, it's not. It's somewhere in the middle."

INSTYLE REPORTER cuts in: What have you learned about fashion from Madonna?
RITCHIE: "Not to wear the same dresses as her."


Where Madonna Does it Better


Madonna has officially been caulk-blocked.

erstwhile Material Girl has filed a complaint against the management of
her Central Park West co-op, claiming the luxury building's board has
unlawfully held up her purchase of the vacated apartment adjacent to
her seventh-floor digs.

In the two-page summons filed Monday in
Manhattan Supreme Court, Madonna accuses Midboro Management of breach
of contract. The 49-year-old singer says she was hoping for a quicker
turnaround on the sale, so she can expand her existing
6,000-square-foot duplex into the neighboring unit.

Midboro Management has yet to respond to Madonna's complaint.

Madonna asked
the court to accelerate the sale and force the management company to
pay her legal bills. Along with the new apartment, she's seeking the
868 co-op shares that come with the space.

While Madonna and her
entourage—these days consisting of hubby Guy Ritchie, daughter Lourdes
and sons Rocco and David—currently claim London as their home base, the
singer has owned the New York apartment since 1985, after she was
rejected by the board of the nearby historic San Remo apartments.

It may have been just as well.

this year, San Remo resident Bono petitioned his board, complaining
that fireplace smoke from the apartments was emptying into his digs,
causing potentially serious problems for his asthma-suffering child.

the queen of pop also set the record straight on her upcoming album,
denying reports that the highly anticipated release has been given
either a title or release date.

On Thursday's edition of the Sirius Satellite Radio show OutQ, it was announced that Madonna's final studio album for Warner Bros. would be called Licorice and be released in late April.

Host Larry Flick, a former Billboard editor,
also previewed supposed songs from the album, "Candy Shop" and "The
Beat Goes On," the latter of which purportedly featured Kanye West.

However, longtime Madonna mouthpiece Liz Rosenberg denied the accuracy of his broadcast.

"Sirius does not know what they are talking about," she told Reuters. "Wrong title. Release date wrong, etc."

album, whatever its name, will mark Madonna's penultimate release under
her Warners contract, with the final album set to be a greatest-hits

Following its release, whenever that may be, Madonna
will be free to begin recording for Artist Nation, a new label launched
by concert promoter Live Nation, as part of her much heralded 10-year, $120-million deal.


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New cover magazine from BULGARIA!

 thanks to madonnatribe.com

Where Madonna Does it Better

Madonna at Steps

thanks to maryann

Madonna Sues Manhattan

Fri, 07 December 2007 at 4:12 pm

Madonna leaves the dance school Steps on Broadway with a female friend and then headed to her Upper West side apartment on Thursday in New York City. Earlier today, The Post reported that Madonna has filed suit against her Central Park West building's co-op board, charging that it wrongfully blocked her from buying a neighbor's apartment. In the papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the singer says the board recently stopped her from closing a deal to buy Julie Clark Thayer's home.

Where Madonna Does it Better


Madonna on tonights news reports

Madonna fighting the co-op board of her building, has become nyc headlines, I was just watching channel 2 news (CBS) and they showed clips of M from the Reinvention tour , and then cut to a neighbor that lives in her building and the woman said" it sounds like madonna is insatiable! lol"

Where Madonna Does it Better

I saw Madonna tonight!

I went to the Kaballah center with the intentions of trying to see Madonna, at 6pm, however, there was no one in sight so I left, then I get a call that says Madonna arrived at 745! So I rush back and catch her leaving, at around a quarter to 10, the queen comes out of the Center sporting her red shades (think CELIA), and walks casually to her car, there was a ton of photographers, but everyone was really nice and civil. Overall , a great experience for me, after having walked all around Manhattan, I was exhausted but after you see her , you feel re-energized! shes incredible. I told her I love 'candy shop', and she gave a quick smile, she was in a talking mode as you could imagine, all business....Im sure shes not to happy about having to sue her building!
Now another bit of gossip, I can share with you all is that Madonna has been attending some dance "HIP HOP" classes, as I could best describe them this week. It looks like Madonna might be learning some new dance steps for her new single/ video release...which she will no doubt shoot soon.

I will send in pix of tonight as soon as I can, so stay tuned to madonnasworld.com for more info, as always. thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon!
Where Madonna Does it Better

Madonna Sends Team To Malawi To Find Her A New Daughter

Madonna Sends Team To Malawi To Find Her A New Daughter

Reportedly Madonna has sent a team to Malawi to find her a new daughter.

Madonna adopted two-year-old son David Banda from the African
country last year and it’s said that Madonna wants him to have a sister
from his home town.

Madonna, who also has a 11 year old daughter Lourdes and a seven-year-old son Rocco - reportedly told staff: “Don’t rest until you’ve found me my princess!”

Madonna had planned to adopt a 20-month-old girl, Mercy, but was said to be devastated when her family blocked her application.

Let’s hope that they find her a daughter soon and we know that when they do she will be in a loving family.

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Billboard: Madonna Names New Album 'Licorice'

Madonna Names New Album 'Licorice'

Madonna has christened her final Warner Bros. studio album "Licorice," and will release the set in late April. The news was broken today (Dec. 6) on former Billboard editor Larry Flick's Sirius Satellite Radio show "OutQ."

On the broadcast, Flick also aired two songs from the album, "Candy Shop" and "The Beat Goes On." Both cuts leaked online earlier this year.

Unconfirmed reports from the fan site DrownedMadonna.com say Madonna previewed the album in recent days for Warner Bros. staff members in New York. Kanye West is said to guest on "The Beat Goes On," while an older unreleased tune, "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You," appears in a new version.

As previously reported, following "Licorice" and a greatest hits collection, Madonna will record for Artist Nation, a new initiative launched by concert promoter Live Nation.

The 10-year deal encompasses all of Madonna's future music and music-related businesses, including the exploitation of the Madonna brand, new studio albums, touring, merchandising, fan clubs/Web sites, DVDs, music-related television and film projects and associated sponsorship agreements.

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Madonna’s Adopted Tot Speaks Three Languages

Little David Banda, the adopted Malawian child and the youngest of the Madonna and Guy Richie family, speaks three languages to communicate with his new family.Sister Lourdes - who attends the Lycee Francais school - in London, speaks to him in French, the family have classes in the Malawian native tongue Chichewa and Madonna and hubby Guy Richie speak English.

David now speaks an odd combination of the three - answering “oui, oui” to most things. Madonna and Guy use the few Chichewa they know - including mummy, daddy, hello and my love - daily.

Her Madgesty reportedly also knows and Chichewan lullaby that she sings to David.

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Celeb Sighting In NYC: Madonna

from starmagazine.com

Madonnalooking younger and prettier in person — eating dinner at Nobu 57 with husband Guy Ritchie on Monday, Dec. 3.

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Madonna sues her buildings board/mangement

Madonna Sues Management Company


is suing after she was blocked from buying a neighbour’s apartment in
her luxury New York building. The Material Girl has filed legal papers
in Manhattan Supreme Court against the board and management company at
her Central Park West apartment block.

Madge already owns a 6,000-ft duplex pad in the building, which
boasts its own gym and beauty salon, but she also wanted to buy the one
next door as well, to expand her living space. The summons accuses the
co-op board and Midboro Management of breach of contract for allegedly
holding up the sale of Julie Clark Thayer’s seventh-floor apartment and
orders the transfer of 868 co-op shares to the singer.

She is seeking a court order allowing the sale to go through, as
well as legal fees and expenses, according to the documents. Madonna,
49, moved into the building overlooking Central Park in the city’s
Upper West Side after she was rejected by the board at the nearby San
Remo board in 1985. A spokeswoman for Madonna was unavailable for
comment today

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you can now sign up to the mailing list, for madonnas new film project!


Madonna Angers Animal Rights Groups Again!

Ha ha! Whatever is what I think!


MADONNA has horrified animal activists after dyeing her sheep blue, pink, yellow and green for a Vogue spread at their English country estate, in Wiltshire.

Madonna, 49, and husband Guy Ritchie, 39, insisted the dye used was temporary and did not harm the animals but an online report on music-news.com has said that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) stated that even though the dye may be safe for the animals those who copy this stunt might not be so careful.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: "Why is it necessary and what are they trying to prove? It is an irresponsible publicity stunt. It sends out the wrong message about how to use animals."

The shoot was for the book Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People in which Madonna is one of 36 profiled celebs.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Only Give Their Children Three Christmas Presents

Santa Claus keeps it sparse when it comes to the Madonna-Ritchie household.

"The kids are only allowed three presents," Guy Ritchie told Extra in an interview airing Friday.

But their children — Lourdes, 11, Rocco, 7 and adopted son David Banda, 2 — don't seem to mind.

"As long as the kids get three presents at Christmas, everyone’s being happy,” he said.

Ritchie, 39, said more little ones may be on the way for the Material Mom, 49.

“Who knows?" he said. "My wife and myself like kids so we’ll have to wait and see what happens."

Ritchie also debunked rumors that he and his family are converting to Judaism. (Madonna and co. study Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism.)

“I don’t think anyone’s converted to Judaism in my family," he said. "I’m completely unaware of that. I have not converted to Judaism and neither has my wife.”

source: usmagazine.com


More on the NY Screening inside & POLARIOD PICS

thats my friend david holding the mike!


That said, you guessed it... I've finally shot Madonna. I've met her a few times, but its never been appropriate to shoot pictures..... UNTIL NOW. It was a really special exchange and I normally don't tell the story of how the pictures happen, BUT, I'll share...

Essentially Madonna stopped during arrivals after noticing what I was doing and says "polaroids..... You're so chic!".

Then I gave her one and she turned to the other photographers on the press line and says... "Seee you guys should give me presents too!" From what I understand from a little birdie, she was showing off the Polaroid in the screening room!

Anyway, enough babbling... but it's a pretty cool moment for me. You've got celebrity and then you have icon. Madonna is an icon. Nuff said. (By JEREMY KOST)

Thanks to Maryann for the info!
Where Madonna Does it Better

Filth and Wisdom to makes its debut in Berlin

58th Berlin International Film Festival, February 7 - 17, 2008
Madonna has revealed that she will debut her film "Filth & Wisdom" , a 30 min flick, at the BERLIN film festival.
The festival is from Feb 7-17, 2008

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NY Daily News -Madonna tugs Guy Ritchie's wires

British director Guy Ritchie has some advice for you married blokes: Listen to your missus!

Ritchie's missus happens to be Madonna. In 2005, he
made a metaphysical caper comedy, "Revolver." It was as if one of the
charming thugs from "Snatch" or "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"
had enrolled in the Kaballah Center. Some critics and American
distributors found "Revolver" long and hard to follow. So Ritchie went
back to the editing room and recut it.

"We made it shorter and tried to make it simpler," Ritchie told us
at a celeb-packed screening, prior to this Friday's opening. "Funnily
enough, we took out the bits that my wife recommended we take out the
first time she saw it."

"He never listens to me," Madonna chimed in.

Who wears the pants in the family?

"Well," she said, "he sometimes wears a kilt."

What about all these fun-loving criminals who populate his films - does he know any real gangsters?

"I do know a few," Ritchie said modestly.

Madonna nodded energetically. "He actually knows a guy who fed people to pigs!" she added, alluding to an episode in "Snatch."

She grabbed his head and turned his cheek for us to inspect. "Go on, tell how you got this scar!" she said.

"Misguided youth," said Ritchie, who once ran afoul of money
collectors. "You should stop pointing that scar out to people," he
scolded his blond media coach.

"You're always so serious about these things!" she teased. "Laugh a bit!"

"I can take a joke!" he said.

Mrs. Ritchie was quick to hail her hubby for his guidance on her own
directorial debut, "Filth and Wisdom," which she's due to unveil at the
Berlin Film Festival.

"He gave me a lot of good advice," said the budding auteur, adding
that her 30-minute flick explores the idea of "finding wisdom in
unexpected places. Being a righteous person isn't necessarily going to
lead to your evolution."

Say this for the Ritchies - they pull in a crowd. Among those who
trooped out on a snowy Sunday for the Tribeca Grand screening - hosted
by the Cinema Society's Andrew Saffir and Piaget - were Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Stipe, Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, Liza Minnelli, Josh Groban, Alan Cumming, Tina Brown, Barbara Walters and Roger Waters. Making it to the after-party at the Gramercy Hotel were the odd couple of Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez and Madonna's pal Ingrid Casares.

Ritchie, who thanked Sony and Samuel Goldwyn execs for "sticking
their neck out for this picture," warned the audience that "Revolver"
is "tricky. All I can say is that if you pay attention, hopefully, all
will be revealed!"

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