Billboard Magazine reviews ~4 Minutes~

It doesn't take anywhere close to "4 Minutes" to realize that Madonna
is poised to score her first top 10 hit since 2005's "Hung Up." The
launch single from upcoming "Hard Candy"—her 11th and final studio
album for Warner Bros.—co-stars Justin Timberlake, with production
props from Timbaland. There's an awful lot going on in the busy dance
track: sing-song verses, insistent foghorns, cowbells, chants of
"tick-tock" and "Madonna, Madonna," and a rap from Timbaland—but the
trade-off chorus between Madge and Justin of "We've only got four
minutes to save the world" is hooky enough unto itself to sell the
song. "4" qualifies as an event record between superpowers who not only
share equal billing, but sound gangbusters together. Expect
instantaneous penetration for this spring break '08 anthem.

Source: Chuck Taylor, Billboard