Madonna celebrates PURIM as LA MOME!

MADONNA looks a dish in some French dressing — as she arrives at a bash as
legendary Gallic singer EDITH PIAF.

And film director hubby GUY RITCHIE, 39, had the Gaul to get in on the
Continental theme by going to the Purim Jewish festival as cartoon hero

Partygoers at the Kabbalah Centre in Central London said director Guy’s wig
and fake tash Snatched the limelight Lock, Stock and Barrel from Madge, 49,
on Thursday.

The couple are said to be suffering marriage woes. But they seemed far from
Les Miserable.


On this wonderful occasion, I invite Madonnasworld readers to take some time out to find out more about EDITH by discovering her music, check out this video to get an idea of how amazing she is..