UK Daily Mail is obssessed with Madonnas hands

Madonna may be approaching her 50th birthday but her hands look like those of someone decidedly older.

Pictured arriving at her house in Marylebone after a night out, the
singer's hands resembled those of a much older woman, with noticeably
bulging veins.

The performer, well known for her punishing exercise regime, may be
trying too hard - experts say her hands are the result of long hours in
the gym.

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Battle of the bulge: Madonna arrives back at her Marylebone home clutching her keys

So vein: her hands show all the signs of an excessive exercise regime, say experts

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Strenuous exercise is known to increase the blood flow which makes the veins in the arms and hands bigger.

However, although the resulting prominent veins may be unsightly, they are not necessarily unhealthy.

Veins also become less elastic with age and allow more blood into them, giving them an older, more transparent appearance.

In recent weeks there has been speculation that Madonna, who turns 50
in August, has undergone plastic surgery after she was seen with a
bruised face and eyes.

She is also fighting to suppress rumours that her marriage to film
director Guy Ritchie is on the rocks, with friends saying the couple
are spending more time apart than together.

But she shows no signs of slowing down — she is about to embark on a
promotional tour ahead of the release of her new album Hard Candy next
month which sees her duetting with Justin Timberlake.