Madonna on Friday, leaving the K Center
Madonna and Family Attend Sabbath Services
With no wedding ring on her finger and no husband in sight, Madonna and her three children – and Carlos Leon, 11-year-old daughter Lourdes's biological dad – visited Manhattan's Kabbalah Centre Friday night for Sabbath services.

So where was Guy Ritchie, rumored to be splitting with Madonna? British tabloid reports had him in London, but headed to New York this weekend. Britain's Sun has an unnamed source saying Ritchie seeks to keep the couple's marriage going, although Madonna is focused on rehearsals for her upcoming world tour.

On Thursday, it was reported in the London Times Madonna had consulted noted divorce British attorney Fiona Shackleton, who had represented Paul McCartney and Prince Charles in their bitter divorces from, respectively, Heather Mills and Princess Diana.

On Friday night, Madonna's group came in three waves, with Leon and Lourdes arriving first, quickly followed by an SUV carrying her son (with Ritchie) Rocco, 7, and adopted son David, 2, each child with a nanny.

Fifteen minutes later, around 8:45, Madonna arrived, wearing a black skirt and a black tank top over a white T-shirt. The service had just about ended, with a dinner about to begin. Madonna stayed some 20 minutes before leaving with Rocco and David for her home on Central Park West, according to a source.

In Manhattan to rehearse for her upcoming world Sticky & Sweet tour, which kicks off Aug. 23 in Wales, Madonna has stuck to a rigid schedule.

First, according to a source, she works out at home. Then, at 2:15 each afternoon, Madonna leaves for a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she and members of the tour practice numbers.

Meanwhile, the children and several nannies, often also accompanied by Leon, spend time playing outside or in Central Park, the source says.