Chris says Madonna has put a strain on their father

estranged brother CHRISTOPHER CICCONE has accused the superstar of
putting a strain on his relationship with their father - by forcing him
to choose between the feuding siblings.
Ciccone admits that his
relationship with his sister has broken down since he published his
explosive book - Life With My Sister Madonna - earlier this month

But he now alleges that since his tell-all tome on the singer was
released, she has made their father Toby take sides - reportedly giving
him an ultimatum to decide which sibling to back in the bitter row.

Ciccone tells Britain's Closer magazine, "The situation is now at its
ugliest point, and I feel terrible for my father. Madonna's asked him
to choose between me or her - but he's told her he won't do that.

"I've reassured my father that I wasn't trying to tear up the family,
but I have every right to tell my side of things. I was disappointed
that she thought I was going to ruin her. Of course I wasn't!

"She obviously doesn't know me as well as I thought she did."