Life with my Sister Madonna,reviewed by me

review part 1, i havent finished reading it so heres basically the best parts i could pull from what i read so far

The book is part Madonna and part his life. It's a his/her biography. His whole life hes been referred to as Madonnas brothers, not Christpher. So he basically tells the story of his life and being in her shadow. His journey and how she invited him to tag along and help her.

The books prologue opens up with Christopher and Madonna in London for the opening show of the 1993 GIRLIE SHOW.

At this point: Many of the interesting tidbits that Chris talks about is Madonnas lack of vocal training, about how, her backup singer Niki was almost fired and sometimes Madonna orders that her mike be TURNED oFF so she doesnt drown out Madonnas voice.

The book is dedicated to their father and to their step mom Joan, who Madonna was always a mother to him.

Chris says in the preface that he will always be proud to say that his sister is Madonna. So we can assume that the book will be candid, honest but not BRUTAL or so I think?

There are some amazingly rare family photos that have never been published until now. He admits that Madonna is really bad at telling jokes but has that legendary self confidence that is a family trait that he has inherited as well. The reason for her unable to deliver a punch line, he confesses is because of her internal saddness, of having lost her mother at such a young age.

He states that she is a master at taking the offensive, and down play insecurities, as was the time when he confronted her about her infamous David Letterman appearance and used the F word, thirteen times. Chris sums it all up to NERVES. He also mentions how nervous she was on the Academy Awards, that her hand was shaking. Why? Because she was in front of an audience that she wanted to be apart of, a respected Actress. But he says that she is only capable of playing her greatest role, and that is herself.

He takes a shot at how stingy she can be, and how she's a bad actress. He also says that the one person in their family that she most resembles today is their step mother Joan, for her time tables, rules and regulations. He talks about how he remembers the last time he saw their mother alive. It is very heart breaking.

Growing up Madonna worked hard to get her dads attention and usually got it, she had to compete with many brothers and sisters but he says she won out because in retrospect, she did look very much like their late mother. He doesn't remember Madonna being scolded, or even given chores to do. He believes that Joan was a little afraid of her.

Madonna decides to take Chris to a ballet class that she was secretly attending by her then mentor Christopher Flynn. She even convinced him to take ballet lessons too. A bit apprehensive as all the students in the class were girls, Madonna says "SO"? IF she hadn't invited him to meet Christopher, he might never have escaped Michigan. Taking him to that class was the greatest gift that Madonna has ever given him. Before this, they were never friends or socialized together. So he was surprised, because she was closer with her sister Paula. But he thinks that she chose to bring him since she saw how he was in to the violin and folk dancing.

Madonna was the one that introduced him to a gay bar, and to pot and tab of ecstacy!

The funniest read for me so far was the story about how freedy demann had arranged for madonna to shoot a video in Morocco. And when they drove back, into town their van broke down, It was in the middle of the desert and they couldn't eat or drink cause it was Ramadan month and they had no were to go. I cracked up so much. And then the story got even funnier when at one point a song comes on the radio, and the driver, asks them have you heard of this pop singer named ''Michael Jackson''?.. Madonna is stuck in-between a smelly driver and her dancers all crammed into a small van..and this guy is talking about michael, Madonna starts cursing SHUT THE ***CENSORED*** UP over and over lol..

Another tidbit that he shares is that David Geffen proposed to Madonna, over and over.

Chris's first job for Madonna was her back up dancer. Then she upgraded him to her dresser for the Virgin Tour.

He states that "Media attention is her middle name"

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