Life with my Sister Madonna,reviewed part 2

I was really looking forward to reading something dishy,or *gasp* shocking about madonna, but none of that is in this book. Chris simply shares a memoir of his lfe which his sister they were close professionally in a big way for a long time.. he was first her dresser, then stage show director, and home decorator. He is honest but not evil, he didn't revealing anything shocking but it is a fun read.

some of the things that stand out in the second half of this sometime intimate peek inside madonnas very private world , are the following

he brings up madonna stats over and over
  • like what she got paid for this commerical or that commerical
  • how much the latest tour grossed
  • how many awards shes won, what she was nominated for
  • what chart history she achieved so on and so forth
thats all fun and dandy but wheres the dish?

He does make it a point to bring up every single time madonna has donated money to an AIDS charity.

In this book, everything that he ever wanted to say to his sister, but was afriad is finally out and he can get oit ff his chest. everytime he wanted to tell her how he really felt, and held it in. now is all over these pages.

the person i feel most badly for from the publication of this book is guy and ingrid. they both take quite a beating.

he also surprises  when he leaves out the entire 'american life' album era. in 2003,jumps from swept away to reinvention tour in 2004

he doesnt like that tour at all.  I think there is alot to like about every tour she puts together

A part that is perhaps most revealing is how alot of the scenes from the TRUTH or DARE filmed were 'staged'. HE says that she would never have taken the time to meet the family of her dancers, or when he tells her that the cops are here to arrest her (in canada). The one part of the film that he is most upset about is the fact that she decided to bring cameras to their mothers grave.

HE says that movie is all ACTING but that the one part in the film that madonna is caught off guard is when he childhood friend moyra asks her on camera if she would be the god mother of her un born child.

What drove them apart: he talks about how madonna accuses him of being an alcholic and drug user and wants him to seek detox/rebah right away and she will pay for it
that is , her most underlying reason for staying clear of him..but his therapists doesnt agree, and instead has him sign up for phyciatric sessions

He is sad that since he was now left out of madonnas inner circle, the worst part of it is he has no longer any contact wtih his nephews and neice.  That I think is particualry painful because like madonna sings in KEEP IT TOGETHER, brothers and sister they hold the key to your heart and your soul, dont forget that your family is gold.

in the end, maybe madonna will see this books release as him  reaching out and i hope that they can make peace cause life is too short to be bitter! 
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