MADONNA's ex-boyfriend CARLOS LEON has defended the pop superstar, insisting she is not as uptight as she is portrayed to be in the media.
The Material Girl's extravagant lifestyle is widely reported in the press, but Leon - the father of Madonna's 11-year-old daughter Lourdes - claims both parents work hard to keep their kids grounded.
He tells People.com, "Look at me and the way I live: I ride my bicycle, I walk, I don't have a driver. That's how I keep her grounded. Her mom does a good job too - she's not that person that everyone thinks. She's very laid back and cool."
And fitness trainer Leon reveals Madonna is better at disciplining her children than he is.
He adds,"It's hard for me to be the tough guy with my daughter.
"Maybe I should work on the discipline stuff, but I could leave her mother to do that!"

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