Madonna, A-Rod share Kabbalah advisor

Kabballah Chronicles

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez might be distancing themselves from each other, but their common interest in Kabbalah is only growing stronger.

According to a source close to the religion, A-Rod has been assigned to Madonna's spiritual advisor, Rabbi Eitan Yardeni, for all of his Kabbalah and spiritual needs. This speaks volumes about A-Rod's importance to the organization, says the source.

"A-Rod is clearly bringing in enough publicity for them if he'll actually study with Yardeni. (Yardeni) is Madonna's direct contact. This is a very big deal," says the source.

Yardeni did not respond to requests for comment.

What exactly will Yardeni do to help A-Rod? Says the source, "When there's trouble with Madonna, when she needs help with a decision, (Yardeni) is dispatched. He calls the shots in her spiritual life. When she's on tour and needs spiritual guidance, he flies to wherever he is. The same will go for A-Rod."

So Yardeni will essentially hit the road with the Yankees? According to the source, it's looking that way: "Basically, yes. I don't know if he'll be allowed in the locker room though."


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