vh1 blogger reports on Chris Ciccones original idea for book title

Madonna Gets Dissed By Bro, Again

Turns out Madonna's attention-grubbing brother Christopher Ciccone didn't save all his smack-talking for his tell-all book Life With My Sister Madonna. Ciccone dished even more dirt to The New York Observer when they caught up with him the other day. Among the revelations the once-trusted member of Madge's inner circle shared? "I wanted [the book] to be called The Queen and I," he said, but was told it was too snarky. Most interestingly, when news of Ciccone's memoir reached the Queen of Pop, Madonna emailed her little brother, simply saying "Call me." Ciconne refused, saying, "Hello? I don't respond to commands anymore."

Ciccone also shared that there were several anecdotes he left out of the book, due to lawyers and publishers' requests…so can we expect Madge's bro to attempt to cash in on her again with a sequel?
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