Madonna 'Im Bigger than Jesus'

To keep her future ex-husband Guy Ritchie from engaging in a court battle over custody over children Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda, Madonna is offering to pay over $8 million in addition to the lump sum he's already set to receive in the divorce.

According to a source that talked to the Daily Mail,
"Basically she is offering a cash incentive to him to encourage an
amicable out-of-court agreement over the children." Madonna wants guy
to see the kids, the spy dished, but "on her terms."

In addition, it seems the final straw for Guy came during a discussion
in which Madonna complained to her husband about how she was being
ridiculed in the media for her kabbalah beliefs. He told her, "Listen
love, you're just a singer."
To that, Madonna retorted, "Listen baby, I'm bigger than Jesus."

Who wouldn't want to stay married to that?