Madonna: The blues

Is Madonna responsible for Canada's impressively lucrative blueberry exports?

The macrobiotic material girl is a big fan of the tiny Canadian fruit, according to details leaking out of her acrimonious split from film director Guy Ritchie.

The high-profile pair announced their impending divorce last week, and it appears that disputes over food may have played a role.

According to Britain's The Daily Mail, Madge had strict rules about what food was allowed in their many homes, and she "chose the precise blend of Colombian coffee and tutted over the exact provenance of air-freighted Canadian blueberries."

Her fickle taste in fruit was not the only wedge in the marriage. Madonna reportedly banned dairy from being consumed in the house, subsisted on fruit smoothies and steamed fish, slept wrapped in plastic to fight aging, and had her personal trainer live with the family.

Exactly where Madonna ordered her snacks from has not been revealed.

"My guess would be that Madonna's into the wild blueberries," said Steve Fry, a Toronto consultant who runs a website called BlueberryCanada.com, which campaigns to make the berry Canada's national fruit. "We should be proud of this."

He hopes Madonna's endorsement will help give the blueberry the celebrity status it deserves.