Madonna haunted by Ritchie's ex

Madonna believes Guy Ritchie secretly lusted after his ex-girlfriend during their marriage, it has been claimed.

The singer was reportedly plagued by suspicions the British director preferred his former flame Tania Strecker - a 6ft tall model with 37in legs - especially after Tania claimed Guy was still seeing her when he began romancing Madonna.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Tania is stunning and 15 years younger than Madonna.

"Madonna took Guy from Tania, but never really trusted him that he loved her for herself."

The 50-year-old singer is believed to have told friends she fears Guy would have remained with Tania if it hadn't been for Madonna's multi-million pound fortune.

The source added: "Today she is consumed by the fear that Guy was more
interested in her for her money.

"And that - if it hadn't been for her fortune - he'd have stayed with Tania rather than marry her."

In 2001, Tania claimed her romance with Guy was far from over when he began dating the 4 Minutes singer in 1999.

She also alleged their relationship had only fizzled out "a year ago, a
year-and-a-half ago".

If Tania's first claim is true they would still have been together just months before Madonna and Guy's star-studded wedding in December 2000.

If the second allegation is true, Tania would still have been romancing Guy when Madonna was pregnant with the couple's son Rocco, now eight.

When Tania was quizzed on the apparent overlap by radio presenters, she
said: "No-one's figured it out so I'm not going to say anything. It might do."

Guy has always strongly denied claims he continued his relationship with
Tania while dating Madonna.

The filmmaker has also been forced to deny reports he cheated on Madonna
with "a secret lover" towards the end of their nearly eight-year marriage.

His spokesman dismissed the claims as "absolutely untrue".


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