Madonna: I don't want a sad ending

Madonna with guitar

Madonna has been described as 'beastly' by her husband's father
Photo: AP

The singer was in New York to promote new film Filth And Wisdom two days
before the news broke of her split from Guy Ritchie, and she described it as
a film about failed love.

"It's a fictional story about a girl who lives in New York and is
obsessed with this love story. She thinks if she had that, she would be
happy. Then, of course, she goes on this journey and finds out in fact it
wasn't what was portrayed to be, and that that kind of love doesn't really
exist," she said, adding that the film was about "the cult of
celebrity and lots of things I have lots of experience with".

She told Hello! magazine: "I don't want a sad ending. I don't mind a sad
journey as long as there is a happy ending," she said. "In many
respects it is an insight into my philosophical point of view that out of
darkness comes light."

Madonna attended the premiere of the film alone, while Ritchie remained in
London to work on his latest project. Two days later, the couple announced
they were to divorce after nearly eight years of marriage.

"It's awesome to be back. I love New York. All my friends are here. It's
where it all began," the singer said. She has been renovating an
apartment in Manhattan and had been expected to move there once the divorce
is finalised, but the latest reports claim she does not want to uproot her
three children from their London life.