Madonna loves lots of things about Britain but not Guy

London (ANI): Pop singer Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce has taken an
ugly turn, the singer reportedly tells her pals that she likes a lot of
things about Britain but not her husband. On the other hand, Ritchie
apparently told his friends that he had almost no sex life with Madonna
as she was obsessed with her daily four-hour workout regime.

The Material Girl stepped up the war and has apparently told her
companions, "There are lots of things about England that I love but my
husband isn't one of them," reports the Daily Express. Friends have
warned that there will be 'ugliness of epic proportions' in coming
days. She had the religious cult 'Kabbalah on her side' one of them
told American TV.

"If they say something is justified, she feels comfortable going ahead
and doing it. The public jibes are only going to get worse if Kabbalah
green lights it," the friend added. Guy Ritchie's dad also called
Madonna 'beastly,' after the Queen of pop took a swipe at his son in
front of thousands of fans at a Boston gig.

Senior Ritchie said
he was 'horrid' to read about how the 50-year-old call Guy 'emotionally
retarded' after their marriage split became public.