Madonna Montreal Review by Stephen

I was lucky and scored two front row tickets to
Madonna's first Montreal Show. I was able to interact with her-here is what
happened: Myself, and my partner decided to put on Sarah Palin Sucks shirts for
the show. Madonna's opinion on her is the same as ours so we thought they
would be perfect for the concert.  Madonna read my shirt and mouthed to me
that she liked it. During Into The Groove, she came over and shook both of our
hands! The best part was when the request section came she was asked to do
Express Yourself. After she finished she said to the audience- "You know who
else is expressing themselves? Those guys over there in the t-shirts." she then
said "I think they should express themselves!" after that, she got her camera
man to put us up on all the video screens and everyone cheered. Later, when I
thought it couldn't get better she came over and slapped our hands, sang a
chorus of Like A Prayer directly to me, and then winked! This is my seventh time
seeing Madonna and she was better than ever! Her voice was amazing, interaction
with the crowd in entirety was great, the dancers were so talented, and
choreography for Vogue and Give It To Me were solid. For anyone that was
worrying Sticky & Sweet couldn't compete with Confessions-it can! Wow
Madonna, thanks for the amazing experience!


Stephen Filek, Halifax Nova Scotia,

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