Madonna seeks Anger Management counselling

MADONNA is having intense Kabbalah “anger management” counselling
to deal with her fury against GUY RITCHIE — as the couple’s bitter
divorce takes its toll.

Husband ... Guy in London
50-year-old singer, who was last night in Montreal for a concert on her
world tour, is expected to head back to New York this weekend to visit
the city’s Kabbalah Centre.

She also has a counsellor from the
mystical Jewish faith who accompanies her on the road to help handle
her boiling rage over the split.

Sources say Madge — mum to
daughter Lourdes, 12, son Rocco, eight, and adopted tot David Banda —
is furious over Guy’s money demands and the way ugly details of their
relationship have leaked out.

A tour source said: “Madonna is
very angry with Guy — about his cold treatment of her in the marriage,
about the nasty details of their marriage that have leaked out, and
about the money he is demanding.

“She’s furious that he feels entitled to get a lot of cash, while she’s the one working her ass off on tour.


is getting help from a Kabbalah counsellor who is helping her try to
put aside her anger, so they can settle the divorce as quickly as
possible for the sake of the children.

“The counsellor is telling her she will meet her soulmate — but first has to calm her anger.”

The Sun revealed last week that the couple were to divorce, the split
has become increasingly acrimonious — with Madonna saying Guy, 40,
“emotionally abandoned” her.

She was heartbroken over his
alleged cold treatment of her after she fell from a horse in 2005,
breaking five ribs and several other bones. Now she is fuming over his
claims for her cash in their upcoming divorce settlement.

pal said: “Madonna feels that Guy is being a gold-digger, and she is
furious that he feels entitled to a lot of money from her.

“She feels he didn’t contribute as much as her during the marriage so shouldn’t expect to take so much away.

has turned to Kabbalah to sooth her rage, and is getting intense
counselling on the road and at the Kabbalah Centre in New York.”

Madge was seen leaving the Centre last week during a brief break from her gruelling Sticky & Sweet tour.

teaches that to find a real soulmate a person must put aside anger and
will to win in a relationship — and become a better person.

relationship advice reads: “Difficulties and disagreements are without
exception opportunities for us to become that right person.”

Madonna turned increasingly to Kabbalah as her eight-year marriage to film director Guy struggled.

But he took a step back from the faith, describing it as “not really a religion.”

Sun told yesterday how pals believed the marriage was “haunted” by
Madonna’s suspicions that Guy secretly preferred his leggy
ex-girlfriend TANIA STRECKER to her.

Model Tania, 35, was snapped yesterday at her West London home.