NY Daily News gives Madonnas film ZERO stars

zero Stars??

madonna looking breathless at her nyc world premiere of "FILTH and WISDOM"
Really?? According to the riveting movie reviewer, JOE NEUMAIER, that is what madonnas film deserves!

I mean, i have seen some bad movie that deserve 0 stars, but I have never actually read a paper that gives any film 0 stars,

maybe a half a star, or 1 star but ZERO stars??

give me a break , NY DAILY NEWS., or should I say, Joe!
OMG, the NYDAILY news just gave the film SAW V, 1 star!

you obviously dont know REAL talent when you see it
Madonna did a great directorial debut and her main star of the film, EUGENE HUTZ was a great likeable , funny character and his part wasa very well acted Like every other costar in the film. The music was amazing, and the live performances were inspiring.

ZERO Stars??

And to top it off, the reviewer, states that the film seems to have been directed by Madonnas movie character in DSS?? and written by her character from Whos that girl? , ok does that make sense , to anyone??

I kid you not, to read the deplorable excuse of a review, click here

seems like joe could use some of the wisdom that this film has to offer and stay away from the 'filthy' putdowns. Oh and also, give the girl a break, just cause shes the biggest star on the planet and makes a movie, gives you no right to try to knock her down her throw, trust me, it ain't gonna happen.

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