Sandra Bernhard disses Madonna, channels Sarah Palin

From chicagotribune.com

See the link for the full article, but the Madonna mention is this:

Bernhard is, of course, a mother now, and her tours are more isolated gigs than long road sojourns where she gets more easily into manic groove. And this brilliant stream-of-what’s-on-her-mind performer is now talking about hamsters and cupcakes. If you remember, say, her “I’m Still Here… Dammit” tour from the 1990s, all that gives you pause. But life marches scarily on. Her audience has aged. And time has increased her vulnerability and honesty.

At one hysterical, full-circle moment last night, Bernhard recounted hearing Madonna instructing her kid, “you have to learn to share.”

“Pot,” Bernhard said, wickedly, like the old times, “meet kettle.”