STICKY and SWEET: Motreal Show Reviews by Gio and Angelo

Hey guys, I just got back from two
glorious nights in Montreal. Madonna was in top form with barely a
glitch in Montreal. She was in a great mood as she has been for this
whole tour it seems. She came out around 9:25 on the 22nd and around
8:50 on the 23rd, surprisingly. On the 22nd she dedicated "Miles Away" to
"Rosemary," stating it was her favorite song!

Before the requested song, she pointed out a boy
who cried for the entire show.
She said she had never seen a boy cry so
much. Then she asked what song he wanted to hear and he asked for "Express
Yourself." She asked him to help, and after he sang, she said she had
never seen anyone cry and sing at the same time.

She also pointed out some t-shirts 2 fans were
wearing that read "Sarah Palin Sucks."

She later said something to the effect of 'Celine
Dion isn't the only one who matters around here,' and the crowd went into

On the 23rd, it sounded as though she dedicated
'Miles Away' to one of her brothers for his birthday, but it was un-clear which
one. Christopher's birthday is not until November and I doubt she will be
dedicating anything to him anytime soon. Winking smile emoticon

Upon reminding the crowd that she had
French-Canadian blood in her, the crowd went berserk yet again.

The requested song on the 23rd was "Sorry."

Most people leaving the concert were very enthused,
although I heard one crazy older woman say she had enjoyed George Michael's show
more! I heard another girl say 'she had no bangs in the first half and
half way through she had bangs."

They also had for sale beautiful lithographs with
the city and date on them--a different photo for each night. Did every
city have these? I hadn't noticed them before.

Have a great weekend--hope everyone gets a chance
to see the wonderful show.

Gio (and Angelo)

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