War of Roses

‘RocknRolla’ director Guy Ritchie has claimed his estranged wife Madonna is
spying on him, and is not happy about it. Guy has allegedly compared
Madonna’s intrusive behavior to “something concocted by the KGB”, the
former Russian security service, and has reportedly told her “this is a
divorce, not the Cold War”.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Any
hopes Guy had of their divorce being private and dignified are out the
window. She’s a control freak and there’s so much at stake. When Guy found
out she knew about the dinner he lost the plot. He said: ‘How can you set
fire to our whole world? Why go to such lengths to destroy me?’”.

The couple, who announced their split last week, appear to be embroiled in a
war of roses: Madonna accused Guy of emotionally abandoning her, while Guy
says the pair decided to split because of Madonna’s controlling nature and
her devotion to Kabbalah.

Rumors of a financial and custody agreement between
the two are false. Lawyers from both sides are currently discussing the
terms of their divorce settlement. The couple have two children together –
Rocco, eight, and adopted son David, three. Madonna also has a 12-year-old
daughter Lourdes from a previous relationship.

Madonna is currently in the United States on her 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, and
Ritchie is currently filming 'Sherlock Holmes' in the UK.