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Where Madonna Does it Better

A-Rod in Mexico City on same weekend as Madonna

MEXICO CITY (AP) — New York Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez appeared in Mexico City on the same weekend as Madonna — a turn of events he called "very good."

The 33-year-old baseball star spent two hours Sunday teaching kids to bat at a new sports center built on a landfill in the poor suburb of Nezahualcoyotl.

Pop star Madonna meanwhile prepared to perform for a sold-out second night in the capital as part of her "Sticky & Sweet" tour.

When asked what he thought about being in the sprawling capital at the same time as Madonna, Rodriguez said it was "very good," without elaborating.

Rodriguez and his wife divorced in September, months after he made tabloid headlines for a rumored, but denied, dalliance with Madonna.

Less than four weeks later, Madonna and filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie announced their own split after nearly eight years of marriage.

Rodriguez, known by fans as "A-Rod," was invited to inaugurate the sports center by Mexico's richest man, Carlos Slim, whose Telmex Foundation sponsored its construction. The site includes two baseball diamonds and 25 soccer fields.

"It's a pleasure to talk about baseball, to talk about the importance of keeping children off the streets, out of drugs and out of all the bad things that there are in this life," the New York City-born Rodriguez said in Spanish.

It wasn't immediately known of Rodriguez and Madonna met while in Mexico City.

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last show in NYC by Madonnasworld.com

Tribeca Film Festival Year in Review

Madonna is #1 Concert act in North America

The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office
gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North
The previous week’s ranking is in parentheses. The
list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by
concert promoters and venue managers.

1. (1) Madonna; $6,029,779; $173.03.

2. (2) Celine Dion; $2,543,742; $110.73.

3. (3) Elton John; $2,288,159; $124.94.

4. (4) Neil Diamond; $1,082,091; $85.79.

5. (5) Rascal Flatts; $910,152; $60.88.


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Shakira Singing a Duet with Madonna?

Rumor is that Shakira may be recording a duet with Madge, soon. So why
are the two uniting? Hmmm….perhaps Madonnna wants to get in touch with
her baby daddy’s Latin roots?

Need we remind you that the Material Girl’s ex is Carlos Leon? Just
in case you didn’t know, Carlos was born in New York, but his parents
are Cuban! He and Madonna are the proud parents of Lourdes Maria
Ciccone Leon (whew, you KNOW she has to be half-Latin with a name THAT

Aside from all their ties to Latin culture, Shakira and
Madonna have another thing in common: their “love” for Democratic
presidential candidate, Barack Obama. Shakira allegedly said she would
vote for Barack if she was a U.S. Citizen. Madonna, on the other hand,
has caused quite a lot of controversy by slamming Republican candidate,
John McCain, during her “Sweet and Sticky” Tour. Are the singers
joining forces to make a jingle for Barack’s campaign? We’ll just have
to wait and see what these hip-shaking divas, decide to do!


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A-rods love note to Madonna?

Madonna’s appearance at a Gucci charity dinner last Thursday drew gasps. She's looking younger and foxier than she has in years.

it’s no surprise that the 50-year-old is making such an effort – her
divorce went through the courts last Friday and she’s bagged a new

Madonna’s lining up baseball star Alex Rodriguez, 33, to
be her new man, but she’s had to tread carefully because she didn’t
want to give Guy Ritchie’s lawyers any ammunition in their custody
battle for their children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, and 3-year-old

‘She’s told A-Rod he’ll have to be patient – this could take months, even a year,’ says our source.

‘Amazingly, A-Rod’s said he’ll wait as long as it takes. He’s deeply in love with her and even writes her poetry.’

late October Madonna held a dinner party in her New York apartment
where she introduced Alex, whose divorce from his wife Cynthia had been
finalised the month before, to some of her Kabbalah chums.

She told them A-Rod had ‘the heart of a poet trapped inside an insanely gorgeous body’.

a New York Yankees insider has shown Now a note thought to have been
written by A-Rod for Madge. It reads: ‘I’m nuts about you stroking me,
shooting chills up and down my spine. I’m lost when you’re not with me,
but glad you’re mine, all mine!’

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Madonna to make peace with Chris C.

So here you have it. The official word on the Madonna Sticky and Sweet after party on Wednesday night is that it was hosted by Madge BFF Ingrid Casares and Fontainebleau owner Jeff Soffer at his Indian Creek manse. Guest list included Pharrell Williams and Timbaland (who each performed with Her Madgesty during the show); Alex Rodriguez and Guy Oseary (who manages both the singer and the slugger). Food was catered by Fontainebleau restaurant Scarpetta, with sushi from Blade. So

are Madonna and A-Rod together? Use your imagination. According to our
(literally) inside source, ''We all danced and partied until 5 a.m.
Beyond that, I can't divulge any more.'' No need. We got the picture,
although wouldn't it be amusing if, after all the hype, Madonna was
really hooking up with Soffer? Hmmm . . .

Before the concert --
while the diva kept more than 50,000 fans waiting for two hours --
A-Rod made his rounds on the floor, sporting a white T-shirt with gray
sweater tossed over his shoulders, making sure everyone there noticed
him. He waved at fans, said hi to friends and made it as obvious as
could be that he was in the house.

Meanwhile, it was never a secret that Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, didn't get along with his ex-bro-in-law Guy Ritchie. Just read Chris's scathing tell-all Life With My Sister Madonna and
you'll understand (at least from his perspective) why bro and sis have
been on the outs. But now that Madge has divorced Guy, it seems that
she invited Chris to the Dolphin Stadium show in the hopes that the two
can bridge their rift. Ciccone was a no-show at the concert, but
reliable sources tell us that the siblings were slated to seal the
peace offering at a Thanksgiving lunch in Miami.


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Madonna scraps Aussie Tour dates

SUPERSTARS Madonna, Neil Diamond and Paul McCartney have scrapped Australian tour plans because of the weak dollar.

Madonna had agreed to perform at Sydney's ANZ Stadium and Melbourne's Docklands in late January, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Tickets for Madonna's shows, presented by US tour giant Live Nation
and local promoter Michael Coppel, were due to go on sale two weeks ago.

She planned to charge a top ticket price of $400.

"It got as close as anything ever gets,'' a tour industry source said.

"Madonna was coming to Australia, the dates were resolved, then economics got in the way.''

Mr Coppel yesterday confirmed the Madonna deal, but refused to elaborate.

The revelations follow a growing list of postponed tour plans by world superstars.

Concert industry sources say Diamond, McCartney, The Eagles, Green
Day and Metallica have put visits on hold because of the bad economy.

"It's unknown territory at the moment,'' said promoter Michael Chugg. ``A lot of tours went on sale before the dollar crashed.

"We are only starting to see the affect of the economy on the tour industry.''

Mr Coppel said the weak dollar had made promoters, and touring superstars, cautious.

"Everyone is feeling their way,'' he said.

"The risk level has gone up substantially.''


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Madonnas new interview about I AM BECAUSE WE ARE

Madonna's awakening to the crisis in Malawi — an
impoverished African nation where one million children are orphaned by
AIDS — had many consequences.

She adopted one of those orphans, her 3-year-old son David. She is building a school there.

she has told Malawi's harrowing story in her documentary, "I Am Because
We Are." With an audience thus far limited to isolated theater
screenings, it will be screened for everyone with its TV premiere on
Sundance Channel at 9 p.m. EST Monday (World AIDS Day).

feature-length film was written, produced and narrated by Madonna
(directed by Nathan Rissman). It consults experts including President
Bill Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

But the film's real
power is its images, which are often dismaying but, here and there,
reflect hope and a remarkable will to survive.

"I had many
said Madonna during a phone conversation from her Manhattan
home a few days ago. "I did get to a point where I thought, 'I'm being
overambitious, I'm trying to say too much, I'll never accomplish it.'
But I feel proud of the fact that I did get to make all my points."

Among her points: an insistence that any crisis comes with solutions, however hard-won and piecemeal.

The film offers its audience a menu of constructive responses.

all you can do is live life in YOUR world in a way that shows you are
responsible for the people around you, that's a course of action
," said
Madonna. "People can be of service in large ways and small."

first wide exposure of "I Am Because We Are" may be coming at a
propitious time, which befits the pop superstar who made it, with her
knack for anticipating and identifying cultural trends.

On the
eve of a new presidential administration, Americans seem set on a more
idealistic path, however alarmed they may be by economic threats along
the way.

"People really are going, 'Wow! I can no longer ignore what's going on around me.' There are changes in the air," she said.

busy schedule continues apace. But the artistic life that drives it "is
a world you create and you inhabit, to express yourself, and to inspire
and reach out to other people," she explained. "It's also a
consolation, a place you go to to protect yourself.
" That's true now,
in particular, during her highly public split with Guy Ritchie, her
husband of eight years, which she described as "not easy, I'm not going
to lie."

Though on a brief New York break from her concert tour,
Madonna said the day's long to-do list called for this AP interview to
be followed by interviews she would be conducting herself: with
prospective head mistresses for the girls school she is building in

"We're all going there together at the end of March," she
said, referring to David, 8-year-old son Rocco and 12-year-old daughter

"I'm very involved in a lot of things that are going on
," she said, and as she makes return visits with her kids, she
wants them to gather insights into the plight of the world's
underprivileged. "And David's always going to understand where he came
from, and what his life could have been like

Meanwhile, she hopes her film can spread the message to millions more.

"It has an impact on the people who see it," she declared. "The more people, the bigger the impact."

Sundance Channel is a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC.

Miami Herald denies Thanksgiving dinner

Madonna and Gwyneth did not spend Thanksgiving at Soffer's

022707_paltrowb_400x400 We just confirmed that rumors saying Madonna, A-Rod and Gwyneth Paltrow spent Thanskgiving at Jeff Soffer's home are completely, according to our as-inside-as-you-can-get-source, not true. We repeat, it is not true. It never happened. As we reported earlier this week, Paltrow and Soffer are not an item, and according to our source, she has not been staying at Soffer's home.


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OUT JAN 13, 2009


however, mgm,has dones this before

click image to see more information!

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Britney gets inspired by Madonnas Sticky and Sweet Look

Perez colored in madonnas white top hat , to black for added effect, lol.

Britneys Circus doest not have Madonnas Voice

UPDATE: After listening to the track, madonnasworld can report that this article is false:

Britney Spears new 'Circus' has a song that contains Madonna's processed voice. The
Material Girl's trademark voice can be heard for about 50 seconds in
the song titled 'Kill the Lights'.

A whole verse has been sung
in Madge's voice, including the line: "There's more to me than what you
see." The song is about paparazzi, one of the least interesting
subjects known to man.

Britney even makes a throwaway reference
to Madonna later in the song, which is suggested to be eligible to
become a big dance hit in clubs. "Is Madonna gonna get the best of you?"
The CD Circus is out December 2nd. Pre order it here


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How to watch the Amazing Behind the Scenes / Rehearsals and Backstage Prayer

I sent this link yesterday but couldnt watch it,
i just found out to watch these amazing clips
you have to have 'realplayer installed'
link to videos

link to download realplayer

once you have it , just copy and paste the links and press 'open file' on real player. and thats it!

its 5 amazing clips, madonna in Paris for the show, in NYC and LA for the rehersals
in NYC shes complaining that all the girls have really bad hair. They need to rethink their hairstyles!
and in Rome she says shes an Adrenaline Junkie lol

Where Madonna Does it Better

Show Gossip from Miami

As Madonna completed her second song before a sell-out crowd in Miami's Dolphin Stadium Wednesday night, New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez handed her a bottle of water.

The singer - who was first romantically linked to the New York Yankees baseball star in July - smiled at Alex as he passed her a bottle of water from his seat in the front row of Miami's Dolphin Stadium.

and Madonna is said to have sang You Must Love Me to the athlete, who was sat in prime position at the gig.

Madonna came on at 10pm!

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Elaborate choreography, new takes on classics highlight Madonna show

It's always tempting to view Madonna's music in the context of her very public life, and Wednesday's concert at Dolphins Stadium provided lots of potential references to her split with filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

At an outdoor concert that appeared close to sold out, the newly divorced Madonna sang about broken hearts, betrayals and sudden liberation like someone who's experienced all of them. Drawing heavily on her latest CD, Hard Candy, the seemingly tireless queen of dance pop also put on an energetic, highly visual show that didn't depend on current events for its electricity.

But a bit of fresh spite for the ex probably didn't hurt. Madonna, 50, was her feisty, frisky, costume-changing self. But something extra seemed to push her to be as physical, demonstrative and occasionally raunchy as she wanted to be. Whether that's the shock of a breakup, or just Madonna responding to a receptive, pro football-sized crowd in a city she has lived in is a matter of speculation.

An element of defiance ran through the set list, which was anchored by a new CD that has earned mixed reviews at best. Madonna, joined by a cast of more than 20 musicians and dancers, leaned hard on Hard Candy. She performed more than half the 12-song disc.

The clipped beats of Candy Shop opened a concert that started at 10 p.m. and ran past midnight. She also performed Heartbeat, Beat Goes On, She's Not Me, the melancholy Miles Away, the over-the-top pop flamenco ditty Spanish Lesson, the somber Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and 4 Minutes. The latter featured a surprise appearance by producer-rapper Timbaland.

These songs don't rank with Madonna's best work, but they held up on Wedneday as platforms for her elaborate, audiovisual choreography. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You was especially striking: Madonna sang atop a grand piano encased inside a transluscent video column and performed as imagery swirled ghostlike around her.

Madonna also played revised versions of her stand-bys. She strapped on a guitar for Borderline and helped make it sound like an ''80s power-pop confection the Romantics or the Outfield might have played. Into the Groove got a playful visual remix, with brightly colored, child-like animations in the style of artist Keith Haring.

Madonna's voice at times wandered off pitch as she exerted herself dancing on some of the more brisk numbers. But she delivered a composed version of You Must Love Me, from Evita, with an acoustic arrangement that drew full attention to her voice.

Promoters of the South Florida stop on Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour" were not guaranteeing a sellout of the available 50,000 seats. But the sizeable audience they did have included people who had obviously gone to some lengths to be here.

There were, for example, no $7 tickets to this show, but $7 is what Keith Martin Forman of Lauderhill said he had set aside for an event whose list prices topped $300. Martin, a musician and an aspiring actor on a starving artist's budget, had never seen the durable dance-pop queen in concert before.

"That's why I promised myself I was getting in, even with seven bucks," said Martin. He was speaking from the floor of Dolphins Stadium. Martin faced a stage bookended by a pair of massive, decorative "M"s and explained how he acquired his seat: an encounter with a kind stranger from Orlando who had an extra ticket to give away. His $7 went toward bottled water.

On a pleasantly cool evening, thousands filled the decks and covered floor. DJ Paul Oakenfold warmed up with a set of thumping dance beats. The crowd included longtime Madonna fans -- some who recalled seeing the "Like a Virgin" tour at the old Sportatorium in Hollywood -- as well as people born after Madonna became synomymous with the 1980s.


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Miami Show Reviewed

Madonna takes fan on journey through her many styles

How fitting that Madonna would end the U.S. leg of her latest concert
tour in Miami, which famously was once her nightlife playground.

Material Girl-turned-Spiritual Mom wrapped up her Sticky & Sweet
Tour Wednesday night at a sold-out Dolphin Stadium with a two-hour
journey through her many styles, starting with her new hip-hop vibe.
She opened with the one-two punch of the Prince-inspired Candy Shop,
backed by dancers in top hats and tails, and Beat Goes On, during which
she rode a white antique Rolls Royce out onto the catwalk.

didn't neglect her past. The fresh, innocent pop of her Borderline days
(strange to think of Madonna as ever seeming "innocent") was given new
muscle by the singer strapping on an electric guitar for a garage-rock
version. Madonna also banged out power chords on Human Nature -- and
while troubled pop princess Britney Spears didn't join her onstage as
she did at Madge's L.A. show, a video of Brit trapped in an elevator
added humor. And a tranced-up Like a Prayer, featuring Ninja dancers of
all things, sent the crowd into a gospel frenzy.

Yes, Madonna
started an hour later than her 9 p.m. goal, but hey -- this is Miami.
The splashy, high-energy concert showed why the icon has managed to
stay more or less at the top of the pop world for 25 years. At age 50,
the musical chameleon hasn't lost her edge and still strives to break
new ground.

lively Into the Groove paid tribute -- and gave fresh life to --
old-school freestyle, with turntable wizard DJ Enferno weaving bits of
Apache and Double Dutch Bus into the mix while Madonna worked a
stripper pole next to him.

A touching video tribute to the late, great New York graffiti artist Keith Haring lent the song more urban street cred.

also mashed-up the dance anthem Music with the club classic Last Night
a DJ Saved My Life, while street dancers in colorful '80s garb were
backed by flashing graffiti on the video screen.

Madonna even
took a request from an audience member, Juan. ("This is the part of the
show where I ask someone if they want me to do an oldie-but-goodie.")
Juan chose Material Girl, and Madonna sang the first two verses a
capella, with a little help from the crowd.

Not everything
worked well. The straight-up dance workout of Vogue was marred by
distorted bass that made booming car stereo systems sound tame. The
island rhythms of La Isla Bonita were turned into a sped-up gypsy
hoedown that had Madonna straining to keep up vocally. And the
glittery, disco ear candy of Hung Up was ragged, drowned by Madonna's
guitar-work and a thunderous rhythm section that overpowered the rest
of the music.

More successful were the new Miles Away, about the
difficulty of keeping love alive ("You always love me more/Miles away/
I hear it in your voice/Miles away"), during which Madonna didn't
mention her recent divorce from Guy Ritchie; the stomping,
inspirational Ray of Light, which caused mass euphoria; and her new
hits 4 Minutes (Madonna did a virtual duet with Justin Timberlake) and
the finale Give It 2 Me, which featured video grabs from '80s games
including Space Invaders and Asteroids.

Pharrell Williams of The
Neptunes joined Madonna onstage for a joyous extended jam, before GAME
OVER appeared on the screen to end the show. Who needs an encore?


another review by orlando paper

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Meet the face behind the face of Madonna

The Denver Post

For Gina Brooke, the magic of a Madonna concert isn't when the pop star is strutting onstage with a full set of backup singers and dancers, but when she drops out of sight.

That's because Brooke, the diva's makeup artist, is waiting along with a hairstylist and two wardrobe assistants to touch up Madonna's face and hair, and help her change into a new costume. The routine takes 90 seconds, tops.

"That's the most exciting part of the show -- below the stage," Brooke says of four quick-change segments during each stop on the Sticky & Sweet tour.

"If she doesn't get her boot on straight, I can't powder her properly, or she'll go on late, and it can be a big issue," Brooke says. The support crew also gets a private show by Madonna during the changes. "She's really funny and witty."

Brooke and Madonna's hairstylist spend from 45 minutes to an hour prepping the star before each performance, and that ritual, too, is carefully orchestrated. "The look of the show is quintessentially Madonna," says the artist. "When I'm doing someone's makeup, I always look at their face and take what I think is their best attribute and enhance it. Madonna's eyes and skin are her most beautiful features."

The process starts long before the first sound check. "We go in three weeks before the tour starts and look at the costumes she'll be wearing," Brooke says. From that, the makeup artist will come up with some ideas about how the makeup will complement the costumes. "[Madonna] knows what she wants; ultimately it is a collaboration," Brooke says.

When she's not doing celebrity makeup for shows or photo shoots, Brooke travels to stores on behalf of makeup company Shu Uemura. The classes Brooke teaches start with a talk about the importance of skin care. "Beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin," she says. "If you don't prime a wall properly, the paint doesn't go on smoothly and the same is true for your skin."

At good makeup counters, employees have been trained to find the right cosmetics for a woman's skin, hair and eye colors, she says, and customers are shown how to properly apply it. It shouldn't be a slapdash affair where you are sold whatever eye or lip color is in season and sent on your way.

That said, there are two trends right now that women can use to update their look. The one that Madonna's wearing -- metallic eye shadow -- can be used for day and evening, Brooke says. The other is to experiment with bold lips in shades of pink, red or brown.

"I don't believe there are rules to makeup," Brooke says. "People should apply makeup according to what looks good on them."

*Brows: They get an application of powder to intensify but not overdramatize them. (They're held in place with a spritz of hair spray.)

*Blush: Powder in the shade MPink 31 is brushed on the apples of the cheeks.

*Lips: Nude 908 lip liner is followed by Rouge Unlimited BG 949, "a beautiful creamy lip color that goes on matte but feels creamy, especially in the wintertime," Brooke says.

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A-Rod Front and Center Last Night as Madonna serenades him

Madonna's rumoured new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was seated in the
front row of the superstar's concert last night as rumours about the
pair's relationship continued to grow.

The Material Girl, who
divorced husband Guy Ritchie last week, serenaded the New York Yankee
baseball star at the Miami, Florida leg of her Sticky & Sweet World

The 50-year-old singer looked directly at Rodriguez as
she sang the ballad You Must Love Me, the Oscar-winning song written
especially for her 1996 film version of Evita.

Madonna performs at the Dolphin Stadium on November 26, 2008

Doing what she does best: Madonna put on her usual sexy performance to Alex Rodriguez and thousands of fans last night

Alex Rodriguez in the audience during the ''Sticky & Sweet'' tour at Dolphins Stadium on November 26, 2008 in Miami.

Prime location: Alex Rodriguez watched Madonna in action from the front row of the Dolphin Stadium in Miami last night

Rodriguez, known as A-Rod by fans, smiled adoringly at the singer as she strutted her stuff on stage at the Dolphin Stadium.

He was seated beside Madonna's manager Guy Oseary and Rod Stewart.

At one point, a hot Madonna leaned forward and accepted a bottle of water from A-Rod.

A fellow concertgoer told U.S. TV channel E! News: 'It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row.

He was all excited watching her perform.'

Before a
performance of her song I'm So Far Away, she told the audience: ''I'm
sure you can relate about a long-distance love affair.'

gig last night started two hours late and the singer irked some fans
when she declined to apologise or even wish them 'Happy Thanksgiving'.

attendance at the concert came on Thanksgiving Eve, an important night
for U.S. citizens, fuelling speculation about the seriousness of
Madonna and Rodriguez's relationship.

sportsman, 33, will spend Thanksgiving in Miami today with his ex-wife
Cynthia and their two young daughters Natasha, four, and Ella, 19
months, while Madonna is expected to return to New York City to spend
the day with her daughter Lourdes.

Madonna and Pharrell perform on stage during the ''Sticky & Sweet'' tour at Dolphins Stadium

Duet partner: Madonna performed her hit duet Give It To Me with N*E*R*D rapper Pharrell Williams

Madonna's two sons Rocco and David are currently in London with their father Ritchie.

Rodriguez was pictured spending Tuesday with Cynthia, who he divorced in September after six years of marriage.

family dined at Houston's Restaurant and the manager said the ex-couple
appeared to get on well, despite their acrimonious divorce.

The restaurant manager said: 'He
was kissing his daughters and seemed in a great mood. You would never
know there was any issue at all between him and Cynthia.'

Cynthia filed for divorce from A-Rod in July, accusing her husband of 'emotionally abandonment'.

The couple's split was made public just days after Rodriguez was romantically linked in the press to the singer.

At the time, Madonna released a statement saying: 'My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce.

Family man: Rodriguez and his ex-wife Cynthia,
pictured dining in Miami on Tuesday, have remained civil for the sake
of their two young daughters

'I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy
Oseary, who manages both of us. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I
am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have
nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he
may choose to study.'

The first stage of Madonna and Ritchie's
divorce was finalised last Friday morning at the London High Court
before District Judge Reid, with the decree nisi granted a month after
the couple confirmed tabloid reports by announcing their split after
eight years of marriage.

The singer's recent divorce from Ritchie has fuelled speculation Madonna and Rodriguez will go public as a couple.

details of Madonna and Ritchie's settlement will remain private, the
Mail recently revealed that Ritchie would be getting a lump sum of just
£2million of Madonna's £300million fortune.

It has also emerged
he will keep the £3million Punchbowl pub in London's Mayfair and the
couple's £7 million Wiltshire estate and will receive a further payment
to buy a large London home.

The Mail has also learned that Ritchie has been given a gift of some £4million of artwork in the divorce.

has now relocated to New York, where she will live with 12-year-old
daughter Lourdes, from an earlier relationship with Carlos Leon.

The couple's sons - Rocco, eight, and David, three - will split their time between New York and their father's homes in England.

for the first time about the break-up this week, Madonna said she was
'grateful' to be immersed in her tour, which keeps her mind off her
high-profile marriage collapse.


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Single again: Madonna begins her new freedom

dailymail uk

People often need a sympathetic ear and some comfort after a divorce
- and it is more difficult when the relationship's breakdown is played
out in the lights of the media.

For Madonna, newly single after
her 'quickie divorce' split from Guy Ritchie on Friday, it was
spiritual comfort she was after, as the slightly-worn looking singer
headed to the Kabbalah Centre in New York.

And joining her were children David Banda, Lourdes Ciccone Leon and Rocco Ritchie.

Madonna carries David Banda into the Kabbalah Center just days after reaching a divorce settlement with Guy Richie

Madonna carries David Banda into the Kabbalah Center just days after reaching a divorce settlement with Guy Richie

Children Lourdes and Rocco at the Kabbalah Centre in New York

Children Lourdes and Rocco at the Kabbalah Centre in New York

singer has already let her feelings about the divorce known with a
two-handed gesture on stage the night before the divorce - which took
place in a 50 second hearing in a family court in London to which
neither partner attended.

Message from the missus: Madonna in concert in the U.S. as her 'quickie divorce' was approved

Message from the missus: Madonna in concert in the U.S. as her 'quickie divorce' was approved

blamed her 'middle aged, emotional retard' of a husband for the
breakdown of their relationship, claiming his unreasonable behaviour as
the reason for their divorce.

Her married days over, she looked defiantly happy as she gestured to the crowd on Thursday night in concert in Philadelphia.

Ritchie, meanwhile, took the couple's two children, Rocco, eight, and David, two, out for dinner back home in Britain.

Guy Ritchie

Shared care: Guy took sons David and Rocco out to dinner as the details of his quickie divorce were made public

decree nisi was one of 17 granted by District Judge Reid at the
Principal Registry of the Family Division in High Holborn yesterday.

It was given on the grounds that the marriage had irretrievably broken down because of Ritchie's 'unreasonable behaviour'.

court papers reveal Madonna is not asking her husband to pay her legal
costs and that the couple have not lived together since an amended
divorce petition was filed.


Divorce papers

Rubberstamped: The court papers outlining the preliminary decree for divorce

singer answers 'yes' when asked if Ritchie's behaviour was continuing.
The document also rules out adultery as a reason behind the split.

Madonna, 50, signed the papers with a scrawl from an address at Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills on November 4.

The singer has told friends her husband would continually put her down and compare her to his friends' wives.

blamed him for causing 'huge ructions' in the family and failing to
help her adopt a second child from Malawi. The couple had adopted David
Banda there in October 2006.


Dad on duty: Guy cuddled up to a Rocco as they headed home

guy ritchie

Boys night out: The trio dined at Liverpool's La Vina restaurant

also told friends that her American baseball player friend, Alex
Rodriguez, is 'everything Guy was when they first got together, but
isn't any more'.

A close friend of the couple told the Mail:
'Madonna says she watched Guy turn from a dynamic, witty, suave and
funny man when they first met, to a middle-aged emotional retard.

'Madonna says that now the divorce is over she hopes she can have a civil rapport with Guy for the sake of the children.'

source told the Mail: 'When Guy would come back from the pub and went
out drinking, he'd go on about how amazing his friends' wives were.
There would be continual digs and put downs aimed at Madonna, nothing
directly offensive, but bitchy comments.

'If she brought it up
he'd tell her to stop trying to start an argument. He systematically
alienated her from those close to her.'

Family court

Press gather outside the court in London
where Madonna and Guy Ritchie were granted their 'quickie' divorce.
Neither was present at the hearing

On Friday the Mail
revealed that Ritchie, 40, will walk away with just £2million of his
wife's £300million fortune and have equal access to their children.

Along with Rocco and David, Madonna also has a 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes from a previous relationship.

had wanted all the children to live with her in New York but Ritchie
was keen to ensure that his sons stay in England. Lourdes will remain
with her mother.

It is not yet clear how the couple will split their £40million property portfolio, staff and fleet of vehicles.

were suggestions that Ritchie has 'done a Billie Piper' - a reference
to the apparently amicable split between the Doctor Who star and Chris
Evans. Miss Piper, who has since remarried, apparently did not ask for
a penny from the wealthy DJ.

Last month it was revealed that Ritchie had rejected a £20million divorce settlement offered by the singer.

She had upped her initial offer by £5million in exchange for dictating access rights to their three children.

the time a source revealed: 'Madonna has said to Guy that if she ups
the money, then would he agree to her setting out the access for the
children until they turn 18.'

A decree nisi is only the
first stage of the divorce. However, unless there are any objections,
the couple can apply for a decree absolute after six weeks and one day.

It is generally within this time period that any financial arrangements are finalised.

couple, who married at Skibo Castle in the Highlands of Scotland,
announced that they were splitting on October 15 this year after
several months of speculation.

Representatives for both stars declined to comment.

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Miami Request song was MATERIAL GIRL!

Where Madonna Does it Better


Blackberry Bold Users get to see exclusive behind the scenes footage

Exclusive Madonna Videos

Only owners of the new BlackBerry Bold have access to exclusive videos
from Madonna! Watch exciting behind the scenes footage like Madonna
auditioning dancers for her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Click here to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of Madonna auditioning dancers in LA

Click here to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of Madonna auditioning dancers in NY

Check out Sticky & Sweet concert footage and take a look at life behind the scenes:

Sticky & Sweet 1

Sticky & Sweet 2

Sticky & Sweet 3

Please note: For highest quality streaming, we strongly recommend you connect to a WiFi network.

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Sticky and Sweet Tour DVD Info

thanks to Kwedolow at icon;
In Atlanta I talked to Guy Oseary and he confirmed the DVD will be made in Argentina/Buenos Aires.

Great news! at least we know there will be a DVD!

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I am Because We Are -airs on World Aids Day

MTV goddess shines light on a brutally neglected AIDS-afflicted country

Madonna with children of Malawi: “I Am Because We Are’” airs on Monday, World AIDS Day.

On Monday, the Sundance Channel airs “I Am Because We Are,” a
documentary about the country where Madonna adopted David Banda, the
now three-year-old Malawian boy who’s living with HIV.

The queen of music video delivers a program that’s painfully
heartbreaking. Although she narrates some of the film, Madonna mostly
steps out of the way and introduces us to Malawi, an extremely poor,
landlocked country in southeastern Africa where many of its children
are orphaned by AIDS.

Life is more enjoyable when you don’t have to think about places like Malawi.

A few years ago, a businesswoman, who knew Madonna through a mutual
friend, told the pop star her native homeland was in a state of
emergency. She told Madonna, “You’re a person with resources. People
pay attention to what you say and do.”

Madonna told her she didn’t know where Malawi was. The woman told her
to look it up on map. And then she hung up on the pop star.

With camera crews, Madonna explores the country and its orphanages.
Death is everywhere. So many young kids are already without parents,
but they are burdened with the seemingly impossible task of caring for
other infants.

The more Madonna investigates, the more horror she uncovers.

If you thought by now that everyone got the memo on how HIV is spread,
you haven’t heard the insane theories that African medicine men have
dreamed up — for a man to cure himself of AIDS and other STDs, he needs
to have penetrative sex with a virgin.

In this ever-depressing milieu, Madonna offers some glimmers of hope.
She’s blown away by how these children have managed to retain their
intrinsic happiness. When Madonna was six years old, she lost her mom
to breast cancer. She can’t fathom how the Malawian children are able
to still have fun. But miraculously, they’ve found the will to survive.

“I Am Because We Are” is nothing like a feel-good Joan Crawford
publicity stunt. It’s overwhelmingly tragic. And if Madonna never
filmed this documentary or adopted little David, everyone would just
continue ignoring a country in desperate need of help.

Grade: B

Airs Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. on the Sundance Channel.

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Madge in Atlanta last night! 11-24-08

From: Carrie Garcia

Well, the show went off without a hitch! The Queen was on LIKE DONKEY KONG! She F*CKING ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! As always! Me and my friend Oscar were in 3rd row, left side of stage. Fellow Madonna's World member, Holly, was also there but she was opposite side more near to the end of the cat walk.
She was about 95 minutes late and the crowd didn't really seem to care... we just waited anxiously for her arrival.  All of the sudden, around 9:40pm the left side of the crowd (in the stands) started to freak out... it was apparent they could see what was going on in the back side of the stage) They must have seen her as they started cheering and clapping. Once the whole arena noticed, EVERYONE freaked out.
It's hard to remember ever specific detail, as I was going nuts AS WELL as trying to take decent pics with my point and shoot, which is pretty much impossible. I so wish I would've had my real camera there! =( But a few highlights...
For the request song, the first guy she asked requested her a song she didn't' like. She said something like, "That's a C side.. that's not even a B side" and then she said, "No" and walked to the opposite side of us (the right side). Then the next guy she asked requested "Justify My Love" and she again refused... she ended up doing her own choice which was "Express Yourself." (If anyone happens to find out what was the song the first guy requested, please let me know! I've asked so many people and still no one knows.)
During 'You Must Love Me' I must admit, I got a bit choked up. She seemed kind of sad when she sang it and all we were yelling was, "We DO love you, Madonna, we do!!"
You guys pretty much know the rest... she looked amazing, sounded incredible, gave it 150,000% the whole way through. The show seemed to be over in the blink of an EYE which SUCKS... but I was blessed to be there and to get the few pics that I did. Some are attached.
I got some vids I'm posting on You Tube, if you guys wanna see I'll send you guys the link!
Rock On Beetoches!
-CarrieG. =)

Madonna Tour Grosses $91.5 Million In North America

Madonna wraps the North American leg of her Sticky
and Sweet tour tonight in front of 50,000 people at Dolphin Stadium
in Miami.
The 28 dates in North America have grossed about
$91.5 million and moved about 550,000 tickets, according to tour
producer Arthur Fogel, chairman of global music for Live Nation.
Next up is Mexico City, beginning Nov. 29. Counting
her European run, Madonna is currently at about $207.5 million in
ticket sales and on a pace to hit about $282 million when Mexico/South
America wraps. That would make Sticky & Sweet the top-grossing tour
ever by a female artist or solo artist.
The tour wraps Dec. 18 - 21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Madonna lands in Miami, and in A-Rod’s Maybach

Madonna arrives at the Signature Grand terminal at Miami International Airport for tonight's show. (Photo by Splashnews)

Madonna arrives at the Signature Grand terminal at Miami International Airport for tonight's show. (Photo by Splashnews)

Madonna landed in South Florida about 1:33 a.m.
this morning as she’s scheduled to take the stage at Dolphin Stadium
tonight for her world tour-ending show.

The Material Girl stepped off her private jet parked near the
Signature Grand terminal and disappeared in a Maybach on the tarmac.

Madonna arrives at the Signature Grand terminal at Miami International Airport for tonight's show. (Photo by Splashnews)

Madonna arrives at the Signature Grand terminal at Miami International Airport for tonight's show.

A spywitness who saw the car up close and personal tells me the Mercedes-made wheels bore a Texas dealership’s license plate.

Guess who owns a Mercedes dealership in League City, Texas.

Bingo! Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez – who’s “just friends” with Madonna.


TMZ has a photo of Madonna and aROD, Barely

Despite all the rumors and divorces, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez have never been seen cavorting together ... until now.
A-Rod, Madonna
50-year-old pop diva and the 33-year-old Yankee were spotted exiting a
private jet in Miami early Tuesday morning, along with their manager
Guy Oseary. Madge then got into A-Rod's waiting Maybach and the two
drove off into the sunrise.

Looks like A-Rod & Madge will be
celebrating the end of the U.S. leg of her appropriately-titled "Sticky
and Sweet" tour in Miami tonight.

Miles Away Picture Disc Photos

special thanks to madonnasuperstarqueen.blogspot.com

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