Bruno vs. Madonna

POOR little MADONNA — she’s had a tough year.

She hit 50, split from hubby GUY RITCHIE and put herself through the
wringer with a punishing world tour schedule to promote latest album Hard

So the put-upon songstress must have been looking forward to happier times in

But unfortunately for Madge one of her old friends has got other ideas.

Cutting comic actor SACHA BARON COHEN, most famous for his Borat and
Ali G characters, will make Madonna the butt of a series of cruel jokes in
his new film Bruno (or, to give it its proper title, Bruno: Delicious
Journeys Through America For The Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males
Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence Of A Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shir

The movie features the outrageously camp antics of Sasha’s latest favourite
character, gay fashion journalist Bruno.

A major plotline sees Bruno and his boyfriend adopting an African baby called
David, who they then happily parade around the chic fashion capitals of the

The joke is an open slap at Madonna, who adopted Malawian tot David Banda.

Sacha and Madonna became great mates a couple of years ago and he even
featured as Ali G in the video for her hit single Music.

I don’t know what Madonna has done to upset him but one thing’s for sure — she
won’t be happy when she gets wind of his film.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

source UK SUN

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